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What separates the good ones, from the great ones? You cannot wait to watch the next episode, you cannot wait for the next season and when the series is finished, you will inevitably go back to the start and watch it all over again and again! 

There are just so many, but when we think of some of the best of all time, these ones have to make the list! 

1. Sex & the City

Sex in the City is like the perfect little black dress. You can wear it all year round, it’s timeless and never goes out of style! What is not to love about these four women? Who navigate love, friendships, and sex in Manhattan. Watch this YouTube clip for a reminder from Carrie on how not to break up with someone. 

2. Friends

‘The one where we can watch it over and over again’, and still get the same enjoyment every single time. Friends of course! There is something so loveable about all of these characters, and no matter where you go, or where you stay, you’ll feel at home when you flick through the channels as you’re almost certain to find an episode of Friends to watch. 

3. Seinfeld

Who knew a show about nothing, could be our everything? Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer are the hilarious characters in Seinfeld, which is one of the most-watched TV Series from the 90s and is still very much loved to this day. Feel like some soup? Don’t ask for a side of bread! Here is a reminder of why. 

4. Golden Girls

The incredibly quick-witted and sarcastic Dorothy, her quick-to-complain but even more sarcastic mother Sophia, innocent and naïve Rose, and the living life to the fullest and promiscuous Blanche. These four mature women living in Miami prove to us all, that life doesn’t have to slow down in your 50’s! 
Here is why Golden Girls gave us so many laughs over seven series. 

5. The Office

If you had a boss like Michael Scott, you just wouldn’t know what kind of day lies ahead of you. There is a reason why The Office (US Version of course) made it to nine seasons, this series is so relatable and undeniably hilarious.  

6. Lost

The TV Series, “Lost” was an absolute phenomenon when it began in 2004 until the highly anticipated finale in 2010. The series is based around the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815, flying from Sydney to LA who crash onto a remote tropical island and their quest to survive in a place that holds many mysteries. 

7. Game of Thrones

Even if the whole medieval scene wasn’t your thing, the hype around the hugely successful Game of Thrones series was enough to make anyone want to watch an episode or two. At the very least just to be part of the conversation, as everyone was talking about it! The Claim for the Iron Throne began in 2011, with the series ending in 2019. 

8. The X Files

The perfect mix of the paranormal and supernatural, The X Files gave us eleven seasons of FBI Agents Scully and Mulder investigating very strange and unexplained cases. 

9. Entourage

Unlike anything, we had really seen before, ‘Entourage’ gave us all an insight into the lives, the money, the deals, the friendships, and the sex lives of Movie Stars. In this case, Vincent Chase and his friends and family make up his Entourage. 

10. Desperate Housewives

For eight seasons, we see the complicated truth behind the seemingly perfect and simple lives of the women who live on Wisteria Lane. Each episode and season of Desperate Housewives brings us new twists and turns, and a load of laughs.