On Saturday 24 June 2023 my family and I were invited, along with 4 other families to breakfast with the Prime Minister hosted by The Parenthood in Sydney.

PM Anthony Albanese met with us all to talk about our situations when it comes to childcare and parental leave in light of the changes to childcare fees which take place on 1 July. These changes mean parents will be able to pay less for their children to go into childcare, while people are worried that these changes could add to inflation the PM has assured the country the government will keep a close watch on the fee change and the effect it’s having once the change comes into effect.

The PM meeting with families in Sydney

“Not only are we making these changes, we’ve also got a Productivity Commission review looking at the impact of this.” – The PM

Georgie Dent The Parenthood Cheif Executive said:
‘The $4.5 billion changes to the childcare subsidy would give more than one million families relief through a reduction in out of pocket costs.”

“It is an important step on the road towards every child in Australia having access to quality, affordable early childhood education and care,” 

My partner, and daughter (mid-tantrum) sitting down with the PM

My family and I got to sit down with the PM and tell him about our situation and he explained why he thinks it’s so important for families to have access to childcare as it’s great for kids development which is one of the reasons he’s putting these changes in place.