KKImage source KimKardashian Instagram

In a week of controversial ‘naked selfies’, it got me thinking about how real we are when it comes to supporting other woman and embracing each other for everything we are. Now of course, there is no denying it, we live in a world where not everyone gets along. We don’t always like what people have to say and do, and a difference of opinion is what makes the world a far greater and more interesting place.

But how in one breath can we encourage each other to be strong, confident women and then criticise the way in which we choose to go about how we represent that confidence.

If you have been living under a rock this week, lost your phone, computer and ipad, or were abducted by aliens, it’s time to get your tweet on. TV Reality star, entrepreneur and mum of two, Kim Kardashian West posted a nude selfie on social media igniting flames all over Tinseltown and far abroad. Pink, Bete Midler, Sharon Osbourne and Miley (just to name a few) have all chimed in with their views on the matter, but what’s the big deal you may ask? Haven’t we seen it all before? It is hardly the first time we have seen a snippet of kims booty. Well, the issue seems to be all about the timing. Celebrities are all up in arms about her decision to put her naked self out there at a time when the world celebrates International Womens Day.

So is it a case of bad timing or are people being over critical and maybe a little hypercritical of what the day itself is all about?

International Women’s day means something different to everyone. Essentially it celebrates the variety of achievements women gain all over the world and is a reminder to continue to support gender equality. It also brings about a discussion of how we portray women in the media and the influence that women in society have today.

So what message does Kim send by posting this nude? Is it setting women back or embracing the changes we have made thus far? Well, whatever it may be, it certainly has surprised many by the way people have reacted and chosen to go about airing their support or shear horror at her decision to do so.

Whether you’re a fan or not, if the day itself means something different to everyone, and different things empower different women can’t we then accept that someone who is clearly comfortable with their body and all its flaws (because we all have them) and their sexuality, feels liberated when posting a photo of her own body? Surely the real issue exists when we start telling a grown woman in her 30’s what she should and shouldn’t be doing with her body but I’ll leave this one to you.