Season 11’s Vanderpump Rules Reunion has just been filmed and although we will have to wait until June to watch it, everyone is ready to know what went down!

Last season’s reunion, thanks to ‘Scandoval’, was Bravo’s most watched episode of all time with millions tuning in for the tears, arguments, shocking revelations and to see Ariana’s stunning red revenge dress.

Discussing this season and reunion show on Radio Andy,  host Andy Cohen says that ‘the season 11 reunion was nothing as heated as last year’ however there were ‘intense and electric topics discussed calmly’. He went on to say he thought that Lala and Brock were the ‘voices of reason’ this year and that ‘Ally was a real emerging player’.

Andy also mentioned that ‘something happened at the end which added a chunk of time to filming the reunion’. We are now hearing rumours that the ‘something’ Andy was referring to was an epic “friendship ending’ argument between Ariana Madix and Lala Kent.

What was the argument about? Was Lala fighting fierce for her girl Scheana or has she simply had enough of Ariana threatening to take away friendships over contact with Tom Sandoval?

Lisa Vanderpump speaking of Lala said on a recent Page Six podcast appearance “I don’t think Lala ever wastes any time letting anybody know what she feels which is why we kind of like her.”

So what do we want to know about this reunion?

Do Ariana and Tom finally sell their house and move on with their lives? The latest news is that Ariana has just purchased a Beverley Hills home for a reported 1.6 million dollars but what’s happening with their Valley Village home?

Does Katie forgive Scheana for the kiss with Tom in Las Vegas?

Who is Tom Sandoval dating and will Ariana and Tom need assistant Ann to coordinate entry and exit points on and off the reunion stage?

Rumour has it, that Jo attended the reunion…so will we finally learn the extent of her relationship with Schwartzy? Will she profess her love for him?

Will Schwartz shock us all and call Katie out for hypocritical behaviour? A kiss with Rachel and a night with Max? Now we hear you’re both in a love triangle with the same woman. What’s going on here?

Commercials, Dancing with the Stars, Lead as Roxie Hart in the musical Chicago, brand deals and now new host of Love Island? What’s next for Ariana?

Will Scheana finally get her chance on DWTS next season or will she play a starring role in the next Mean Girls Movie for her performance in the removal of Jo’s (not spooky or sloppy Jo’s) cap?

Will we hear something more about the rumoured lawsuits Rachel has filed?

Will Tom Schartz admit that Ryan Gosling’s blonde locks in Barbie, inspired his new platinum look?

Does Ally perform her new Girls Girl single and Scheana perform as backup dancer?

Lala just told ENews that at the reunion this year they did something they had never done before which was genius and uncomfortable at the same time.

So…whatever went down, eleven seasons in, we are so ready for it!