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Image adrianalima Instagram


When you think of boxing you may think of two men in a big square boxing ring surrounded by a yelling crowd while they’re punching each other with blood and sweat flying everywhere. While that is how boxing is traditionally done it turns out that boxing is actually the favourite workout of some of the worlds most glamorous models and celebrities. Some of these celebrities include Adriana Lima (pictured above), Gigi Hadid, Eva Mendes, Halle Berry and Pretty Little Liars hottie Shay Mitchell who is slugging it out in the video below.

So why should you give this fabulous work out a try? Well here are just some of the many benefits of doing regular boxing sessions or classes:
  • It works out your whole body without bulking you up, so if you’re after a fit lean body this is for you!
  • Because boxing is a High Intensity Interval Training workout It burns more calories in less time and speeds up your metabolism compared to if you were doing an exercise where you just move at a steady pace such as running or cycling.
  • It’s a great stress reliever, letting out all your anger and aggression in a boxing session can do wonders for stress release which in turn will help you sleep better and help you get through yours days in a much calmer state.
  • It’s great for your abs, in boxing you constantly have to be using your core to help move your arms and body in different directions. So if you’re after that Victoria’s Secret washboard stomach boxing is the way to go!
  • Boxing will never get boring and your body won’t hit a plateau. Have you ever done the same workout for a while only to find you get bored and you stop seeing results in your body? Well that won’t happen with boxing, there are so many different techniques to learn and levels to advance in in boxing that your body will continue to change and your skills will continue to evolve.

Luckily the boxing trend has caught on all around the world so gyms are starting to run boxing classes and more and more boxing gyms are starting to pop up so there is really no excuse not to give it a try!