So we can’t all afford an interior designer to spruce up our place which is why we’ve decided to help you out and put together 6 genius decorating tips from some of the best interior designers in the biz to make your home look like a pro put it together.

Add country house charm with a cabinet skirt

Ditch the cupboard in your kitchen and take some material from your curtains or find your favourite printed material and dress your cabinets with a skirt.

Add feature tiles

Pick an area or area in your home to add a cluster of unique tiles as a nice feature in your home.

Add wallpaper to your appliances

Adding wallpaper to an appliance like your fridge gives your room a colourful unique look, while being really easy to change if you get sick of it.

No window, no problem. Fake it with a mirror

If you have a room with no windows but want to fake the look of a window add a mirror that resembles a window.

Add character to a room with a mural

Add a unique mural to a room to liven it up and add some character.

Add some unique lighting

Adding a unique lamp or vintage chandelier is a great way to jazz your home up.