As parents, we know that children sitting still, staring away in front of a screen for hours on end, probably isn’t the best way for our little ones to spend a day. Instead, playing games, encouraging our kids to be active, creative, imaginative, and exploring the outdoors are perhaps some far more ideal options.  

We also know that the day in the life of a parent with a toddler is incredibly busy. Often days can feel like the minute you’re cleaning up from breakfast, it’s time to prepare lunch, and by the time you are washing up from lunch and come home from a walk to the park, it’s your little one’s nap time, which you would love to be your nap time too, but you have a million things to be done before they wake up, and then before you blink its dinner time again. 

Throw in some teething, runny noses, or an unexpected visitor at your door and you’re falling into bed absolutely exhausted! 

The reality is sometimes we need a minute or two to recharge. Whilst the debate on screen time for kids varies between parents worldwide, does it make a difference to you if the screen time is more educational than purely entertaining? And with all the creative ways to teach, can’t they be both? 

There are some incredibly popular YouTube Channels aimed at teaching our preschoolers to learn, which are bringing joy (and a moment’s peace) to many families because the number of subscribers says it all! Here are our top 5. 

Ms Rachel

Having a degree in music education and having worked as a music teacher in a preschool, the bubbly Rachel Griffin has become quite the celebrity of the Toddler World with her cheerful, colorful, engaging songs and learning videos. 

It was 2019 when Rachel and her husband Aron Accurso started the ever-so-popular YouTube Channel Ms. Rachel. The videos were reportedly made in response to the lack of media resources to supplement learning for her son, who had a speech delay. The channel started to thrive during the pandemic and now has over 5 million subscribers! 


With his bright orange bow tie and glasses, Blippi is the inquisitive character kids love to watch explore new places like zoos, animal shelters, chocolate factories, theme parks, and even ice cream trucks! Blippi sings and dances, whilst teaching viewers about colours, numbers, animals, swimming safety, and much more. 

It has been nine years since Stevin John created the first episode of Blippi which has over 17 million subscribers! 

Cosmic Kids Yoga

There are lots of different ways for kids to be active, and one popular channel has a fun approach to getting the kids moving and learning through her friendly and engaging approach to storytelling in Children Yoga. Jamie Amor is the writer and blue onesie-wearing star of the channel. The channel is a favorite for its popular themed yoga stories like Frozen, Spiderman, Pokémon, Minecraft, Harry Potter and Encanto! The Channel has been active for over ten years and has over 1.4 million subscribers. 

Dave & Ava

The YouTube Channel is hugely popular for its fun, brightly animated videos that star Dave, a little boy who is dressed as a puppy, and a girl Ava who is dressed as a kitten, and of course their many friends! The channel has lots of nursery rhymes to keep the kids entertained but also aims to teach learning numbers, the alphabet, and more. Since starting the channel in 2014, subscribers have reached over 15 million. 

Number Blocks

This Channel is animated, with a little number of people blocks, which is essentially all about maths for your kids! The videos teach their viewers how to count, add, subtract, and more in interesting and creative ways. In just five years the channel has amassed over 6 million subscribers.