The dating game these days is NOTHING like it once was. When we were using AIM messenger to write messages to our middle school crushes we never realized that we were at the beginning of a brand new dating world.

Dating sites have given dating a full 180 creating an online space to meet people you may have never bumped into.

Dating sites have opened up a whole new world and an opportunity for women to do something that was a little harder to do before, not take dating so seriously.

When the world is at our fingertips (literally, as we find people online using our fingers to navigate our keyboards) we have a new found control over how we want to date.

There is no one way to date anymore. There is no meet someone out, go on a date, hope for the best or wait for the next person to come along.

Dating sites have changed the dating game and given us endless (or at least it sure feels like it) chances to meet someone perfectly suited for us but it has also given us something else. A certain kind of freedom that comes with knowing that if this date just doesn’t feel right, there is so much more opportunity at our fingertips (again, literally) that we don’t have to stress about it. We don’t have to worry if the right one will come along because the right one forever or just for right now is so much more easily accessible. We don’t have to worry about settling because there is no excuse for it anymore, not when you could in theory message someone on the other side of the world and see if you are a good match for each other.

Not having to stress about our dating lives leads to something even greater, the opportunity to have fun. The opportunity to go on dates because why not? The opportunity to meet new people just for the sake of meeting new people. The opportunity to have an experience that you might not have if you hadn’t gone out with ‘him’. Now that, is so damn cool.

So, how do we use this new technology to our advantage?

Simply put-don’t take it too seriously and have fun. Let me expand:

Don’t Take It So Seriously

Just be there to have a good time. Be young and free and date or do whatever it is that you want at the moment because you can. Enjoy the freedom and relish all the really, really, really, fun times.

Have fun

This one is pretty simple. Just have fun. Be down for spontaneous activities and learning about a new person. Learn from the experience, gain something from it, and let yourself fall more in love with yourself through having fun with someone else. Be the fun, easy going gal that you know you can be and be prepared to look back in a few years and say damn, those were the good ole days.

I can’t imagine what great grandmothers and grandfathers really think about the dating world today. They probably can’t even wrap their minds around the idea of it-the same way we won’t understand how our great grandchildren are dating at our age.

The game has changed and if you are interested in bringing the new technology into your dating world, than you are already one step closer to owning the new game and having a damn good time doing it.

Let loose, have fun, and be a yes man for the incredible new experiences that online dating sites and apps have created for our generation of strong and independent women.