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It’s a harsh world and we’re dating in it. Online dating has gone from being taboo to becoming one of the most popular ways to meet like-minded singles, and it’s really cool.

Considering that almost everyone is doing it now a days, how do you make yourself stand out? All users have the same potential to have a great profile, successful conversations, and hopefully a healthy and long term relationship but how do we get from point A to point B?

It all starts with your profile. I learned a valuable lesson one day while watching a man scroll through his online dating page. Here’s what I found-men are simple. The online dating man scrolls through about two pictures (no matter how many more there are) and does not read your bio. Chances are he’s going to try and contact you unless there’s really something there that isn’t his forte (which is RARE).

Advice point number one?

Keep it short and sweet. Put the pictures that you like best first and keep your bio short. Chances are if its long and lengthy nobody else has read it but you.


Now that you’re well on your way to be hounded down via internet by attractive, fun singles around you the next step is to have good conversation.


Let’s start with a disclosure. Not everyone is meant for everyone. Some people just click and others could not be farther from being anything romantic…ever. So that being said, the best way to start a conversation is to be flirty, light hearted, and fun. I’ve noticed a successful go to start off is “Hey :)”. Yes. Something that simple will get you places. Try it out and let us know if you receive the same feedback.


Now that the conversation is rolling it’s important to remember that this is a two way street.

Here’s advice point number two:

If they asks a question, don’t simply reply and leave them with nothing to work off of for more conversing. Be observant and always send the ball back into his court whether you ask him the same question or you form your answer so that there’s conversation to be had off of it.

This can lead us to one of two roads. Conversation can fizzle out and you can consider this one was not meant to be. Let me reiterate not everyone is meant for everyone. Be patient. You don’t want to settle so don’t take it badly if things don’t ever shape into something. The latter road involves a good conversation that leads to a meet up.


Advice point number three?

Meet for coffee or for drinks. These are safe ways to be able to leave if things just aren’t going right and they always involve crowds. Coffee keeps things very casual and is perfect for testing the waters. Getting drinks has potential for more outcomes, but if you play your cards right you can have the night lead any which way you want.

The best part of online dating is that you are in charge. You choose if you want to keep talking, you choose if you want to meet up, you choose if you want more. It has given us women a complete handle on dating and has shifted the power to us. Throw on your Beyonce playlist before walking out the door so that you can be as poised and confident as Queen Bey.

GIF glamour
GIF glamour


So here’s advice point number four-Be you.

Yes, follow the guidelines to not waste your time or theirs, but when it comes down to it just be you. Let them know what you are all about. When looking for a partner people love genuine girls who are confident in themselves while still being able to laugh at themselves. Tell your jokes, say what you want to say, and don’t hold yourself back…your perfect partner is on their way.