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Let’s be serious, I’m not asking for a lot here.

I know for a damn fact that you all have time to read these three books within the decade of your twenties, and I also happen to to know that you’ll be thanking me later for the advice.

I look at my twenties as the foundation of my life. It is where I start to build up, creating the walls and windows, the roof and all the intricate details that will essentially make up my entire life.

It’s in my twenties that I’m going to start being the confident boss woman that I will be in my thirties, fourties, and so on. It’s in my twenties that I’ll learn what opportunities I’m willing to say yes and no to. Most importantly, it’s in my twenties that I’m going to find myself.

I remember a few years ago having absolutely no idea how to go about building my foundation. I actually had no idea that I was starting.

I was really lost, really confused, and really desperate. I didn’t know who I was, what I stood for, or what I was doing.

When I look back on all of this, I ask myself what would I do today to help me then?

I would hand myself these three books and say, no excuses-make the time and get to reading! (Also, please don’t wear that).

The Inside Out Revolution Michael Neill

Okay here’s my deal with The Inside Out Revolution-Neill is brilliant. He takes a complicated topic and breaks it down into the simplest terms (with included doodles) that make you say out loud, “DUH. Why haven’t I been living like this the whole time?” The Inside Out Revolution is short, sweet, and to the point. Let Neill show you that what you think is happening in your life right now is exactly that…what you think. Stop being blinded to the real reality of your situation, learn how to see great opportunities, and how to just be happy.

The Bingo Theory Mimi Ikonn

Remember how I was talking earlier about becoming a boss woman? If you need a solid mentor look no farther. Mimi has created an insanely successful business with her husband (and they’re madly in love and a perfect representation of a healthy, balanced relationship aka #couplegoals). The coolest part of it is that they have created this awesome business by staying 100% organic and authentic, creating a legion of social media followers that are genuinely interested in their endeavors. In The Bingo Theory, Mimi enlightens you on how best to go about work, relationships, and everything in between solely based on your own biochemical make up. Once you finish reading The Bingo Theory you will be in full understanding of why you do things the way that you do and why certain aspects of your life just aren’t making you happy.

The Success Principles Jack Canfield

Canfield might sound familiar to you because of his teeny tiny minor success, Chicken Noodle Soup For The Soul. If there’s anything I know to be true it’s that when somebody really successful tells you how to be really successful, you listen to them. In The Success Principles Canfield breaks down how to get from where you are to where you want to be with easy steps that you can take right here, right now. It’s the perfect read for understanding how to make the life you desire for yourself by applying his principles now.

I’m grateful to have the knowledge in these books with me now and I truly can not even comprehend what the world would look like if everyone adopted these ideas. Let’s just say, it would be a beautiful place filled with passion, understanding, and seriously happy people.

Where do we start in creating this type of world? With us, with me, with you. Take time in your twenties to fill your soul with love, confidence, chances, laughter, exploring, and new people. Get your hands dirty-you’ll never stay clean while building your foundation. Build strong walls made up of self love, gratitude, and an I-can-do-anything-I-set-my-heart-to attitude and watch the magic of the rest of your life unfold.