The digital age has reached every form of entertainment and communication. Now, reading itself is often done on a digital device. Audiobooks have taken over publishing, and with new apps making it easier to read on your smartphone, they are definitely here to stay. 

In the last decade, audiobooks have surged in popularity. You now have a convenient way to pick up any title you want and make your selection in a growing digital library of classics and new releases. Audiobooks are changing the way most of us read and are making getting lost in a book more accessible. 

Now, readers everywhere can browse through an almost infinite list of titles on platforms such as Audible, and, Scribd, Spotify, and many others. The app Libby, lets you link your library card from anywhere, as long as it’s connected to the OverDrive system of digital books. So far, the State Library of Western Australia has a vast collection of audiobooks for users. 

Although the pandemic brought many people back to reading physical books, audiobooks are now seeing an unstoppable comeback. According to the New York Times, book sales increased 13% through 2021. In 2022, almost 40% of Australian audiobook customers started listening to audiobooks that year. People re-discovered reading in their free-time and now want to continue their newfound digital reading habits. As people return to work in a post-pandemic world, audiobooks once again are allowing readers the chance to read on-the-go, often in between tasks. 

Another plus for readers is that they can now hear the author’s own narration. Hearing the voice of your favorite rock star, celebrity, or political figure is enchanting. In Dave Grohl’s autobiography, The Story Teller, readers get to hear his book’s humor, tone, and voice through his own words. 

In other cases, professional voice actors play the role of narrator. These professionals bring a story to life and add emotion to the author’s storytelling. Some books include music, extra interviews, and other added goodies that make the listening experience unique and enjoyable. 

One of the main reasons people choose to listen to their books is convenience. When you lack the time to sit down and read a physical book, an audiobook is the next best thing. Now, people can commute, exercise, or do other hands-free activities while reading. 

People with disabilities too are benefiting from the audiobook revolution. Hands-free reading is allowing people to access millions of books online. University-level textbooks, how-to guides, and inspirational books are reaching more readers now than ever. 

From a business perspective, this is pretty cool. Now, publishing companies and writers can reach a whole new audience. Social media and digital tech let writers and publishers market their books online. With one quick click, readers can buy their books and start listening immediately. 

Audiobooks are ready to keep getting more popular. Their convenience and ability to hook new readers have shaken up the publishing industry like nothing else. According to industry experts, audiobook sales will grow 25% until 2027. For listeners, writers, and book fanatics, audiobooks are here to stay and make the perfect addition to a perfect reading list.