Well, it’s that time of year again, so celebs, get your pouting and poses ready, it’s Oscar Time!

The 95th Academy Awards, held at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre has finally arrived and this year I think it’s fair to assume that the Academy would appreciate a year off from any major controversy. Over the years there has always been some kind of outrage ranging from the lack of diversity in nominees and academy members, the wrong winner’s names being announced, jokes made in poor taste, speeches turning rogue and into political protests, and of course, The shocking 2022 Oscar Slap that we felt through our television screens which remind us all to leave a certain someones name out of our mouths for many years to come!

To the relief of the Academy, I’m sure, it seems that the only real backlash thus far is one of décor.

The classic ‘Academy Red’ carpet that has adorned many a Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin heel over the last 60 years has been rolled up and tucked away, and this year, replaced with a ‘keeping up with the trends’ shade of champagne. Whilst some have appreciated the more neutral shade not clashing with trending colour choices and photographs, many viewers have slammed the decision, saying they miss the refined shade of red, with the new colour showing every little piece of dirt dragged onto it.

Quite frankly, I’m just here to see the fashion!

So who got it right this year? Let’s take a look at the ones who sparkled this year on the Champagne Carpet.

Kate Hudson looks dazzling and dignified in a glamourous silver sequin dress. We are loving this look for Kate!

Jessica Chastain and Gucci…need we say more! This silver dress is fitted to perfection and the long black train completes the look.

Well, if the Academy weren’t going to bring out the Red, Cara Delevingne certainly did. We think she looks so elegant in this one-shoulder Elie Saab Oscars-worthy gown. The hair, jewels, shoes and dress…this look has it all!

Lets be honest here, Angela Bassett rarely gets it wrong on any carpet, and this year’s Oscars Look didn’t disappoint. We love this beautiful purple Moschino dress on her!

If you haven’t heard of the name Deepika Padukone before, her red-carpet appearance at the Oscars will change all of that! This Bollywood Actress and Model had our heads turning in this stunning, black Louis Vuitton gown. AMAZING!