There have been a lot of iconic, movies, TV shows and music artists that really stand out this year so if there ever was a year to go all out on Halloween and dress as a pop culture icon 2016 is it!

1. Chanel Oberlin – Scream Queens

The hit new TV show Scream Queens has one of the most amazingly over the top and outrageous wardrobes. So dressing up as the main character Chanel Oberlin is the perfect excuse to act like the Queen bitch for a day.

2. Beyonce

Be queen Bey for a day and feel what it’s like to be truly ‘flawless’

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3. Eleven – Stranger Things

If you’re as obsessed with the Netflix show Stranger Things as the rest of the world is then dressing up as ‘Eleven’ is a must.

4. Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad

There is no doubt that Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad will be the most worn Halloween costume this year and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as a crazy, sexy badass for the day and pretend you’re in a tumultuous relationship with Jared Leto aka ‘The Joker’ for the day.

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5. The Joker – Suicide Squad

Or maybe you’d prefer to go as the Joker himself, so grab some green hair dye, some white face paint and practice your best manic laugh.

6. Daenerys – Game of Thrones

Grab a blonde wig and your best medieval dress and you’ll instantly look like Game of Thrones, Mother of Dragons Daenerys.

7. Orange is the New Black – Inmate 

If you want an excuse to be extra comfortable with little to no makeup or hair maintenance then going as an inmate from Orange is the New Black is the perfect costume for you.

8. Ghostbusters

Grab three of your best friends and go as the badass Ghostbusters squad.

9. Ilana & Abby – Broad City

Grab your bestie and go as Ilana & Abby from the comedy Broad City and use it as an excuse to run a muck around your city together like Ilana and Abby do.

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10. Sandy- Grease

Since Grease Live aired this year people are having Grease fever all over again which gives you an excuse to wear that iconic sandy outfit.

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