Image Pulp Fiction from Deposit Photos

Let’s be honest the last few years have been a flop when it comes to good movies, they just don’t make movies like they used to. So we asked around the MetroPixie staff what their all-time favourite movies were and have come up with a perfectly curated list of the best 10 movies of all time.

1. Clueless

Clueless is about Cher, a rich high-school student who is learning to cope with adolescence and its problems. She also helps a new student gain popularity and in the process discovers her own feelings for someone very unexpectedly. Staring Alcia Silverstone as Cher, and a young and very handsome Paul Rudd, with the coolest fashion and best one-liners you can’t help but feel happy and light-hearted after watching this movie.

2. The Princess Bride

Based on the book of the same name this movie is about Buttercup, a princess who is madly in love with a farm boy, Westley. Unfortunately, things take a turn in their lives when Westley goes out in search of employment and gets attacked by a pirate and the hilarious, clever, and dramatic story goes from there. One of the best movies to come out of the 80s with a cult following with famous lines such as ‘As you wish’ ‘’Life isn’t fair, it’s just fairer than death, that’s all’ ‘My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!’ this movie has something for everyone.

3. Joker

Joaquin Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, a party clown who leads an impoverished life with his ailing mother. However, when society shuns him and brands him as a freak, he decides to embrace the life of crime and chaos and turns into the joker aka Batman’s arch nemesis. A spin-off of the Batman movies this is a rollercoaster of action and emotion.

4. Fight Club

Even if you haven’t seen the movie surley you’ve heard the famous quote ‘The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club.’ Starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton who plays a man who is unhappy with his capitalistic lifestyle so forms an underground fight club with Tyler, a careless soap salesman. Soon, their venture spirals down into something sinister. This movie isn’t just about fighting it has lots of twists and turns and is a must watch.

5. Pan’s Labyrinth

This beautiful Spanish movie follows Ofelia who moves with her mother to her stepfather’s house. At night, a fairy leads her to a faun who informs her that she is a princess and she needs to participate in three tasks to prove her royalty. This movie is so beautifully filmed but also very dark in a lot of parts. It’s a must-watch, you won’t be able to look away.

6. Jojo Rabbit

Directed by the very talented New Zealand native Taika Waititi. This movie is about Hitler Youth cadet Jojo Betzler who firmly believes in the ideals of Nazism influenced by his imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler. However, his beliefs are shaken when he finds a Jewish girl in his house. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry then you’ll laugh and cry at the same time this is a must-see.

7. Pulp Fiction

We urge you to find a better classic 90s gangster film with an all-star cast. Pulp Fiction is set in the realm of the underworld where a series of incidents intertwines the lives of two Los Angeles mobsters, a gangster’s wife, a boxer, and two small-time criminals. With that famous dance scene between Uma Thurman and John Travolta, this movie has everything you need.

8. Forrest Gump

The movie that Tom Hanks is most famous for. This tear-jerker, feel-good movie is about Forrest, a man with a low IQ, who recounts the early years of his life. How he found himself in the middle of key historical events and how all he wants now is to be reunited with his childhood sweetheart, Jenny aka Jenn-nay.

9. Superbad

This was Jonah Hills’ break-out movie and still arguably one of his best. This hilarious comedy follows two high school boys who want to live their lives to the fullest before they go to different colleges. Unfortunately, their debauchery lands them in lots of hilarious trouble.

10. Step Brothers

Starring the hilarious Will Farell and John C. Riley plus a heap of other amazing comedy actors. This movie is about Brennan and Dale, two middle-aged men who still live with their parents, they are forced to stay under the same roof together and become Step Brothers when Brennan’s mother marries Dale’s father. You’ll want to replay the singing car scene over and over again and won’t be able to stop saying ‘so much room for activities!’ If you watch it, you’ll get what we mean.