This ~green~ turtleneck with the checked bottoms. Rachel ~Green~.:
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We all know her. We all love her…and we all semi hate her because she’s just so damn hot.

This chick had it going on and now that I’m about the same age that she was portrayed to be in the show I’m starting to wonder where MY epic girl to woman transformation is.

I mean seriously-she was killing it but NOT just because she wore cute outfits and had good hair. There’s a lot we can learn from Rachel Green that we can bring into our lives to positively impact them. Yup, a 90’s comedy show can lead you towards being a strong and independent woman.

Let me show you.

1. She was fashionable

Now you may ask me why do I have to channel my inner fashionista in order to be a strong and independent woman? We’re not channeling her fashionable ways, we are channeling her confidence in presenting herself on the outside just as she felt on the inside. To her fashion was a priority and so she expressed herself that way. She was a direct representation of what she was on the inside on the outside and that led her to incredible fashion opportunities in the future. We need to be one person, who we feel we are on the inside and who we present ourselves to be on the outside. Don’t let your ego step in the way! Be a true representation of your soul, in every moment.


2. She pursued her dreams

We all remember when Rachel quit the coffee house thinking that she would never have to pour a cup of coffee again and she walks into her new job and they show her how to make the coffee. Fast forward to the last season and she’s being asked to work in Paris! She stuck through the hard times and accepted the opportunity that had been presented to her. Think farther-if she had quit that job she would have never been in Monica’s diner complaining about it and she would have never met Mark and got her job at Bloomingdales. Have the same confidence in your life to pursue your dreams and trust that everything is working out to your advantage!


3. She saw opportunity and took it

What happened when a position opened while she was Joanna’s assistant? She stepped right up and said “Hey I want that job” and then she figured out how to get an interview for it. Granted that interview didn’t necessarily go as planned but you get my point-she wasn’t afraid to say I’m ready for more responsibility and I believe I can do it so I’m going to go for it. Bring this energy to your life so that you can say, “Hey, that job is a higher position/salary than the one I have now but I know I deserve it and am worthy of it!”. Then go get it!


4. She knew her worth

Remember that pivotal moment when everyone is trapped in Monica’s room as Rachel and Ross are fighting about him hooking up with the girl from the xerox place. Say it with me guys-“WE WERE ON A BREAK!”. Now that is up to personal opinion but what nobody can deny is that Rachel stood her ground when she felt that she had been wronged. Anyone that has ever been in love knows how hard it is to walk away from something that special when things go awry and Rachel knew that she was worth more than somebody (she believed) would cheat on her. Know your worth. Know what you deserve. Don’t be afraid to say no to anybody who doesn’t feel just as strongly as you do about it.


So we can all semi hate her because we’re purely jealous of how put together she always was but when it comes down to it Rachel taught us a lot about what it takes to be a confident woman. She showed us that we have to be true to our roots, our dreams are worth chasing, we should always continue our climb to the top, and to never take sh*t from anyone.

Rachel wasn’t afraid of taking chances and sticking up for herself and neither should you, it’s like all our lives someone has been telling us that we are a shoe but we know deep down, that we’re a hat.