Australia has been busting out a wave of new musical talent lately. From singer-songwriters to R&B, Australia’s new talent is taking the world by storm. 2023 is looking like another year filled with hits from a diverse range of new Australian talent. Below are some of the new guns that are taking the country’s already booming music industry by storm. 

Tia Gostelow – This captivating singer-songwriter hails from Queensland. Her blend of indie-pop and folk mixed with her introspective lyrics are overshadowed only by her hauntingly beautiful voice. Gostelow got her start in 2015 when she released her song “State of Art” when she was just 16. This year, she’s coming with a new album titled “Head Noise.”

Jaguar Jonze – Another talented artist hailing from Queensland, Jaguar Jones is forging her own path in the music scene. With a mix of indie-rock, pop, and a healthy dose of alternative sounds. Her emotionally charged lyrics, powerful voice, and energetic stage presence have made her an Australian indie-rock icon. This year, she’ll be releasing a collaboration with Japanese artist Haru Nemuri titled “Angry Angry.” 

Miiesha – The Australian singer Miiesha is quickly becoming one of the country’s most beloved new artists. Hailing from the Indigenous Aboriginal community of Woorabinda, she’s brought a mixture of R&B, hip-hop, gospel, and soul to music fans around the world. Her powerful and introspective lyrics touch on themes of culture, identity, and empowerment, all delivered with her powerful and soulful voice. This year, she took home several awards, including the Queensland Music Awards and the APRA Awards. 

Genesis Owusu – Few artists are pushing Australian music more than Canberra’s Genesis Owusu. With his groove-driven blend of funk, hip-hop, soul, and teeth-gritting punk rock, Owusu creates a musical experience that sets him apart. His charismatic stage presence, powerful vocals, thought-provoking lyrics, and deep love for his fans have earned him a legendary status amongst other Australian heavyweights. This year, he’s set to release his sophomore album, Struggler. In a press release this year, Owusu said, “The struggler runs through an absurd world with no ‘where’ or ‘why’ at hand. Just an instinctual inner rhythm, yelling at them to survive the pestilence and lightning bolts coming from above. A roach just keeps reaching.”

Tones and I – Hailing from Victoria, Tones and I, aka Toni Watson, came onto the music scene with her hit “Dance Monkey” in 2019, which went multi-platinum. This year Tones and I released the single “I made it” for the soundtrack to the movie True Spirit. Her energetic and soulful voice, infectious melodies, and poetic lyrics have made this Australian star a household name. 

The Kid LAROI – Sydney’s The Kid LAROI has been forging his name into the global music scene with his infectious R&B-infused melody-driven hip-hop. Fans of his truth-telling lyrics and live performances are eagerly awaiting his upcoming album, “The First Time,” which is slated to be released later this year. At only 19, many fans think that he’s destined to become one of Australia’s biggest contributions to hip-hop.