Image from Dope Lemon Instagram

Dope Lemon, the moniker under which Australian musician Angus Stone’s moniker Dope Lemon, has become a household name for indie-rock fans around the world. His hypnotic sound is back with a new album titled “Kimosabè.” Scheduled for release in late September, the album is stirring fans into a frenzy. 

Kimosabè is the follow-up record to Dope Lemon’s 2021 masterpiece Rose Pink Cadillac. That album reached the ARIA album chart’s number one position and dominated Triple j’s Feature Album listing. 

Angus Stone got his start in 2009 and has since recorded six albums, four of which were recorded under his moniker Dope Lemon. He has since created a rich, textural, soundscape on his albums. Along with his highly praised live shows, Dope Lemon has become one of Australia’s most respected musical acts. 

The New Sound

The album marks a departure from Dope Lemon’s previous works, signalling a new direction in Stone’s musical journey. Like his other albums, Kimosabè will draw inspiration from a diverse range of genres and bridge the gap between indie folk, psychedelic rock, and electronica. 

Fans will love Stone’s collaboration with other artists, though the full details of collaborators are still under wraps. Fans were surprised to learn that Stone shares writing credits with actor Will Ferrell and director Judd Apatow in the title track Kimosabè. Stone samples parts of the movie Step Brothers on the track. 

The most obvious departure from Stone’s previous work is the lack of his signature lemon character covering his face. Stone reveals his face on Kimosabè’s cover, signalling a departure from his usual style. Regarding the departure from the usual artwork, Stone told reporters he could stay in the shadows and avoid public judgement by covering his face. Putting his face on the cover this time, he said, “Just felt right.” 

Making the Album

Recording his fourth album during and after the pandemic, Stone used the time to innovate and reflect musically. The title “Kimosabè” alludes to a blend of introspection, wanderlust, and a connection with personal experiences of love, loss, adventure, and self-discovery. 

The first single and title track from the album, released earlier this year, has given fans a tantalising glimpse into Stone’s new sonic landscape. The song features enchanting melodies, poetic lyrics, and a distinctly Dope Lemon sound.

The album cover features abstract imagery of the artist himself. Simple, cool, and honest, it signifies a visual and audio journey into Stone’s creative mind.  

The music video for Kimosabè’s title track takes Stone’s creativity as an artist to new levels. The song’s infectious smoothness is highlighted by scenes of expensive boats, helicopters, and all things fun-in-the-sun.  

Upcoming Tour and Album Release

To celebrate the release of “Kimosabè,” Dope Lemon is planning a tour across Australia and major international venues. Stone is set to appear at America’s Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Austin City Limits, Best Kept Secret, and Belgium’s Rock Werchter festival this year. 

The album will be released in September in multiple formats, including vinyl to give fans a diverse listening experience. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to Angus Stone’s unique sound, “Kimosabè” will be a fresh and seductive album worth exploring.