With all the natural disasters and social unrest in the news these days, many people and industries are taking earth-friendly products seriously. Fortunately for many of us, the fashion industry is following this trend. After decades of being a resource-consuming industry, the fashion world is riding a wave of change toward sustainability, with several companies leading the movement. These forward-thinking brands are cutting their ecological footprints while remaining on top of their game. 

Patagonia has been at the forefront of the sustainable fashion movement for decades. From its comfortable everyday wear to its indestructible outdoor merch, the company has millions of dedicated customers. Most of its clothing is made using recycled materials. It also encourages buyers to turn in their worn pieces of clothing for repair through its Worn Wear Program. On top of its products, Patagonia invests heavily in environmental issues and promoting fair labor. 

Another brand leading fashion’s sustainability charge is Eileen Fisher. This American company creates clothes that are as earth-friendly as they are comfortable and versatile. By using mostly natural and organic fibers and recycled materials, they keep their environmental impact to a minimum. They offer a recycling program where they accept worn-out and outdated Eileen Fisher clothes for store credit. 

A leader in Australian sustainable fashion is Outland Denim. It makes its popular jeans from organic cotton, non-toxic dyes, and recycled materials. In the factory, the company uses eco-friendly techniques to make its products. The brand also campaigns for human rights groups and social justice. They do other types of good, like providing work opportunities to women who have been rescued from human trafficking. With these business practices, Outland Denim continues to lead Australian fashion companies into a green and socially aware future. 

Everlane is another American brand that promotes sustainability through being transparent. It gives its customers insight into where its garments are made, what goes into them, and the total cost of producing them. They also only work with factories that have safe and ethical working conditions and fair wages. By keeping their clients informed, they hope to encourage their buyers to become better informed and to make more sustainable clothing choices. 

Leading the green fashion revolution in Europe is the French sneaker brand Veja. Over the last few years, it has aimed its focus at fair trade by working with small mom-and-pop producers in Brazil who give fair wages to their workers and have ethical working conditions. Also, the company also only uses plastics from recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton, and natural rubber to make its products; a win for both customers and the planet. 

These popular brands prove you can be a major player in the fashion industry while conducting your business ethically. The fashion industry has a long way to go before it’s considered a sustainable and earth-friendly industry, but thanks to these brands and many others, the future of green fashion is something to be excited about. For any of us who want high-quality and low-impact wear, what can be better than looking good and knowing your purchases are doing something good for the earth?