If you don’t want to spend money on a Halloween costume or just haven’t had time to put one together we’ve got your back. Here are 9 costume ideas that you can throw together using items you already have in your house and wardrobe.


A Drama Queen

Take a leaf out of Vanderpump Rules’ Stassi Schroeder and throw on a night gown, eye mask and smudge your eye makeup and make yourself into a total drama queen.


Rosie the Riveter aka The You Can Do It Lady

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Copy queen Bey and throw on a denim shit, tie a bandanna around your head and you’re instantly Rosie the Riveter promoting girl power.



Wednesday Adams

If you have a black long sleaved dress, white shirt, closed in black shoes, black stockings and then put your hair into to plaits then you have an instant Wednesday Adams costume.



Tom Curise’s character in Risky Business

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Have you got some Wayfarer sunglasses, an over-sized shirt and some long white socks? Then you have yourself an instant risky business costume.



Chanel Oberlin form Scream Queens

Sassy Chanel is known for her perfectly put together outfits and there are many to choose from. Pick some of your favourite Chanel outfits then have a search through your wardrobe to see which one you can replicate best.



A Black Cat

Grab your most flattering sleek black clothing paint on a nose and some whiskers, then grab some ears or put your hair into two buns on the top of your head to resemble ears and you have yourself a classic black cat costume.


The Craft

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Pull together some of your best 90s style black and white clothing and jewellery and you’ll look like one of the girls (witches) from The Craft.


A Sports Star

Do you have a favourite sport such as tennis or a favourite sports star? Then just throw some of your active wear to create a very comfortable sports star costume.



Holly Go Lightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

Grab and over sized white Shirt and a cute eye mask. Put your hair in a ponytail with a bit of a curl and you’re instantly Audrey Hepburn’s most famous character Holly Go Lightly from breakfast at Tiffany’s.