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I’m not being dramatic when I say outrageous. I really mean it. I’m talking totally out there, life changing, soul expanding, heart bursting outrageous.


Something that you look back on and say holy sh*t, not only did I do that but it changed the entire course of my life and brought me to this totally unpredictable place that I am now.


You can feel it within yourself when it’s time for a change, when life is getting too platonic and you need some extra sparkle. It starts to run you down and makes you irritated and unhappy with your current situation.


That’s when you need to pull your parachute and float yourself to somewhere different, either mentally, physically, or even better both.


My outrageous thing was moving half way across the country. I went from the east coast to Nashville, Tennessee and it was the best decision I ever made.


I took the plunge and I moved somewhere that I knew nothing about and a year later I’m reaping benefit after benefit of doing something totally random and outrageous.


Not only am I happy but I found something I didn’t know I was looking for, self love, and let me tell you that will change your life.


That’s what doing something outrageous does. It creates this sense of independence and self confidence in your ability to pull anything of and here is where the magic of your life starts to happen.


Taking a risk and making yourself vulnerable teaches you so many valuable lessons like how to make yourself happy, what you value and how you want to live your life. When you encompass all of these things into your daily life you fall in love with yourself and become this magnet of great vibes-both coming from you and coming to you.


When you’re able to confidently say I love who I am as a person and fully support myself things start falling in to place. Especially as women, we need this support from ourselves so that we can flourish in any situation and be confident in our careers, relationships, and any opportunity that comes our way.


By doing something outrageous you put yourself in a place where you have no choice but to support yourself because it’s the only way to pull it off.


If you are having trouble with self love and support, sit yourself down and figure out what outrageous thing suits you and your current status and then do it. Prove to yourself that you can plan it, make it happen, do it, and pull it off. My suggestion is to move somewhere new but there’s small things that you can start to do today as you figure out what your best outrageous move should be. Things like saying yes to things you normally say no to, getting a coffee and sitting alone, anything that make you uncomfortable is exactly what you should be doing.


Fall in love with yourself so that you can fall in love with your life and be steadily happy. Do whatever is outrageous on your personal scale and fully support where you are right now. It might not be a good time to move and that’s okay. Do something else that will get you the same results. Make this work for you.


Be happy, be confident, and be proud of who you are. Know you’re capable of pulling off anything that you put your mind to and use that confidence in every aspect of your life. In five years from now you’ll be hugging yourself for the tremendous positive impact you brought into your own life all by doing something epic.


Choose your plan of action and then pull your parachute. Most importantly? Don’t forget to enjoy the ride.