I think of traveling as a drug-you do it once and all of a sudden you’re addicted. The views, the perspective, the people it all changes you and how you live your life.

You can travel to a new city in your country or to a completely new continent and you’ll realize that you come back as a different person.

Your outlook on life, relationships, and opportunities changes. You realize that this life is what you make of it and that there are people who are dealing with much worse than you. You open your eyes to the idea of different ways of of living. growing up, and loving.

Most importantly-travel opens you up to you.

Travel can teach you more about yourself than years of schooling and these quotes are proof that travel is more than just airplanes and trains-it’s an opportunity for growth, transformation, and empowerment.


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If travel calls to you, then you must go.

Follow your heart and allow it to lead you to the edges of the world, to the beginning of the oceans and to the tops of the mountains.

Keep your experiences close to your heart and use them to help you create a life of beauty, purpose, and most importantly never ending happiness.