A Weekend Getaway is officially my new best friend. After going for what feel like centuries without a decent holiday, I really underestimated the benefits of this little guy. I thought he was too short, inconvenient and I wanted the real thing not a fling, but as it turns out this refreshing little two day adventure is exactly what I need in my life. Here’s why you should stop everything and plan yours today;

1. One of the best things about a weekend getaway is that it’s time efficient for the time poor. For most of us, life is incredibly busy with our work and home life and all that goes in between, so the practicality of being able to stop and go away for an extended period of time (which we do love) can be quite difficult. For most of us, we know that feeling of anxiety that starts to creep in towards the end of a long break, because we start imagining all the work and chores we need to catch up on when we return from being away for so long. So forget using up your holidays and taking long winded flights, just get in your car and off you go. One of my favourite memories was a road trip was with my besty to Port Stephens, NSW and whilst the weekend trip was full of fun and adventure, the 2.5 hour car trip of laughs and singing (quite poorly) quickly made us leave all the stresses of our daily life behind.

2. It doesn’t cost a bomb! Unlike your yearly holiday where chances are you have been saving up for this trip for the most part of the year and have been counting down the days on your calendar, the cost of a friendly weekend getaway won’t leave you eating cereal for dinner for the rest of the week. There are some great sites you can search a day or two before to get a fantastic deal. If you have pets, the thought alone of who is going to look after them is stressful enough, but it also cost a small fortune for long periods of time. Weekend trips are far easier to manage and less inconvenient for a neighbour to feed the animals for a day for you.

3. Whether you decide to head to the coast, mountains or countryside, the wonderful thing about a little road trip is that it doesn’t really matter where you go. Weekend Getaways are your No Fuss solution to Escaping, Unlike your yearly holiday where there is mounting pressure to pick the perfect destination because you only really take one big trip a year, the friendly weekend getaway bares no intimidation. It’s just about putting a few things in an overnight bag and getting away from those same four walls you wake up too and fall asleep around.

4. Word on the street is that weekend getaways can potentially reward you with health benefits and an overall better sense of well-being. Being away from your home gives you an opportunity to sleep in, relax, pamper yourself, enjoy new experiences and rediscover yourself, and that must be good for you! And for those of you with children, whilst the idea of sleeping in, relaxing and pampering sounds dreamy but maybe a little unrealistic, just remember when the kids are enjoying being in different surroundings and enjoying new experiences, you too will share in their happiness and love creating beautiful memories with your family.

5. Reconnect your relationships. Whilst being away from the daily grind gives you a chance to reconnect with yourself, it can also do amazing things for your relationships with your partner and friends. Going away with your friend or a bunch of them can be so much fun, and like partnerships, if we want to keep good friends in our life for the long haul, we need to invest in them. Getting away with your partner can add a little romance; spark some long overdue good conversation and shine light on just how wonderful our partners really are.