A male tampon? Yep, It’s a real thing, created by Finnish company, Vuokkoset. It comes in a dark blue box and bears the words “for men.”

Acceptance and the biological differences between biological women and trans men
Most biological women who experience monthly periods are open-minded and inclusive of trans men. Women unconditionally accept that some men are women, and even accept that those men prefer to be called a woman rather than a man. Women support a trans man’s choice and their female identity.

However, when a trans male takes on the physical attributes of a biological woman especially one that can be extremely painful like a period that involves actual bleeding, chronic headaches, and a monthly emotional roller coaster, is that crossing a line?

Is a trans man using a tampon just outright insulting and demeaning to biological women who must deal with actual period symptoms?

What’s the purpose of a tampon?
Tampons have a physical purpose which is to stem and collect blood during menstruation. So, what’s the physical purpose of a male tampon? Do trans men bleed and where do they bleed from?

Is the male tampon like putting on a band-aid where there is no cut, doing chemo when you don’t have cancer, or wearing a sling when there is nothing wrong with your arm?

Does the male tampon serve any physical purpose for men? If it serves no physical purpose for men does that mean that trans men just use the male tampon to ritualize the completeness of being a biological woman?

These are tough questions, and I am sure there are many varying opinions. The use of a male tampon may be rationalized in the minds of trans men who need to experience periods in the same manner as a biological woman does, which includes the use of a tampon. That way they can feel like a complete and natural woman.

Is the male tampon bad for the environment?
If the male tampon serves no physical purpose in men, then the male tampon is not good for the environment and climate change. Male tampons need to be manufactured in a factory which in turn produces carbon emissions and pollution that ends up in sewage or landfills. Some male tampons will be flushed down toilets and end up in the oceans where innocent seabirds will eat them and choke to death mistaking them for food.

Sure female tampons are just as bad for the environment too but they are necessary for many women, is the male tampon just adding unnecessary damage to our environment?
I wonder if Greta Thunberg supports the male tampon considering their environmental impact. Is this a “how dare you” moment?

Our final thought
Biological women are accepting of trans men who dress like women, wear make-up like women, and behave like women, but is the use of a male tampon taking it too far and insulting to biological women?

Something for you to think about and comment on
You are a biological woman experiencing a heavy period and you are in a room with some trans men who are telling you they are also on their periods. They tell you how difficult and discomforting their periods are just as you are experiencing real unpleasant period symptoms.

How would you feel and react?
a) Would you find trans men funny when they complain about their periods?

b) Would you be empathetic with the trans men, and you think they are just like you going through the same experience of a period as you are?

c) Would you find it insulting and demeaning but not have the courage to say what you think for fear of being labelled a transphobe?

d) Would you be openly angry with them because you know they cannot possibly understand what you are going through as a biological woman who is experiencing an actual period?

e) Something else?

We’d love to know what you think, leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions and as always, play nice!