Out of all the social media platforms available, few have been able to keep up with Twitter’s relevance in the digital age. Because more and more social media platforms are shaping our global narrative, staying relevant is not just an excellent marketing strategy; it’s vital. Enter X, the social media behemoth formerly known as Twitter, which has recently redefined itself. Many fans and critics are asking, what is this new X and what impact is it going to have? 

Elon’s Change in Vision

The rebranding of X likely isn’t just about a sleek new logo or a better user interface. It’s a symbol that likely signifies a change in the company’s values and mission. X’s rebranding comes after months of criticism following Musk’s takeover. Twitter users noted that under Musk’s control, they experienced a sharp rise in everything from hate speech to political bots spreading misinformation. 

With concerns over data privacy, misinformation, and offensive content, more and more users felt a disconnect toward what was once a go-to social media platform for creatives in multiple industries. Many people wondered if the rebranding was a response to media criticisms and users jumping ship, or if it was a sign of something larger. 

Social Media Platform or Something More

Like Musk’s other ventures, X’s rebranding strategy is both risky and well thought out. On July 24, Musk posted on X, “Twitter was acquired by X Corp both to ensure freedom of speech and as an accelerant for X, the everything app. This is not simply a company renaming itself, but doing the same thing.”

The rebranding comes as other social media platforms, namely Mark Zuckerberg’s media giant Meta release Threads on July 5. Threads are like the former Twitter in many ways. Users who fled from Musk’s platform gravitated to Threads and boosted the new platform’s number of users to over 40 million a day. 

How X will compete with Threads is something to be seen. Already, Musk’s legal team has promised legal action against Meta for releasing what they claim as a copycat app. Regardless of the risks and controversies surrounding the rebranded platform, many people are wondering how X will differ from Twitter and what changes are down the road. 

The Future of X

X’s new interface is supposed to become sleeker, and more intuitive, and focuses on enhancing user experience. The rebranded platform will probably introduce new tools to build communities within the app, allowing its users to connect and engage with like-minded individuals more seamlessly. As far as tweets go, the new X’s posts will now, according to Musk, be known as x’s. Whether users adopt this language is yet to be seen. 

However, it seems the biggest changes are yet to come. On July 23, new X CEO Linda Yaccarino posted, “There’s absolutely no limit to this transformation. X will be the platform that can deliver, well….everything.”

In a series of posts, both Musk and Yaccarino told users that this new platform will deal in everything from videos, messages, and audio to banking and marketing goods and services. Using AI to power the platform and integrate users, the platform is looking towards a major shift in what is possible for a social media company. 

If this very Musk-like vision will pay off, in the long run, remains to be seen. Yet, one thing is clear: X’s rebranding is likely a significant shift in social media and it means for us and how we connect.