If you’re looking for some of the best hair tips to give you the best hair day ever then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve accumulated the 10 best hair tips from hair experts all over the world to give you the best hair of your life.

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! healthy moisturized hair holds color for longer and makes your hair less prone to breakage or falling out so invest in a great leave-in hydrating hair treatment and make sure you’re eating lots of healthy fats.
  2. For a long-lasting blow-dry make sure every inch of your hair is completely dry, feel every part of your hair once the blow-dry is done to make sure no spots are missed. This is how your blowdry will holds its shape and eliminate frizz.
  3. To preserve any type of hairstyle overnight or just to keep your hair in great condition wear a silk or satin bonnet or sleep on a slink pillowcase.
  4. Do you use a salt or texturizing spray? To stop it from making your hair dull or weighing it down add a few drops of hair oil to your hand and run it through your hair with your hands.
  5. Take good care of your scalp, good hair begins at your scalp, you can check out some of our tips to keep your scalp healthy here.
  6. For smooth hair blast it with cold water after you condition it, running cold water over your hair after you’ve put conditioner in your hair will close your hair follicles making your hair smoother overall.
  7. If you put too much product in your hair you can brush dry shampoo through your whole hair to soak with product up.
  8. Spraying your hair with a bit of water will reactivate the product you put in the day before so you don’t need to put more in.
  9. For a sleek updo blowdry your hair in the direction of the updo. For example, if you’re doing a high-slicked back point blow dry the front back then tip your head upside down and blow dry for the nape of your neck down.
  10. Getting a regular trim actually makes your hair look fuller and thicker.