If you’re someone who only washes their hair every 1-2 weeks or rotates different brands and products then it’s likely you’ve been holding onto the same bottles for a while. So do shampoos and conditioners expire? The simple answer is yes, they do.

It’s important to check when your products expire as they can do damage to your scalp and hair if you use the after the expiry date. You can usually see when it expires at the bottom of the bottle or on the side. If you can’t find the expiry date you can also get in contact with the company and ask them. Most shampoo and conditioner will last from 6-12 months and differs from brand to brand. the more natural brands generally have a shorter shelf life.

Other ways to know if your products have expired include:

  • The ingredients separating in the bottle
  • Change in smell or unpleasant smell
  • Change in texture or color

So take this as your reminder to go check out your shampoo and conditioner now and restock if you need to!