If you use makeup brushes to apply your makeup it is really important that you clean them at least once a week! Gross bacteria can build up on your brushes and cause breakouts and skin irritations and in really severe cases skin infections. It will also help your brushes last longer and stay in good condition because they won’t have old, makeup, oil and grime building up on them.

There are a few different ways you can wash your brushes but here is what I have found to be the most efficient way of cleaning them:

  • Use either a silicone brush cleaning mat (you can get cheap ones off ebay), a rubber or silicone oven glove that has the ridges in it or a lego mat/ base palate. If you don’t have any of these just use your hand however it will take a bit longer to clean them.
  • Wet all your brushes.
  • Then get a shampoo, I like to use the Redwin tea tree oil shampoo because it is cheap and the tea tree is anti bacterial.
  • Wet your cleaning mat, put some shampoo on it and then swirl the brush around on the ridges, rinse with cold water and repeat until the brush is clean.
  • Lie your brushes out to dry on a towel, preferably in the sun.
  • Don’t pack your brushes away until they are completely dry, as damp brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria.