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We all want to look and feel great on the outside right? It also helps if we can achieve a great look in just a manner of minuets. So here are some quick and easy make-up tips for you to try:

Use a Highlighter (not the type you find at Office Works) to make your features shine
Sometimes this is all you need to brighten up your face. Any highlighter/ illuminizer with a bit of shimmer or gloss will work it can be in the form of cream, powder or liquid, I love Arbonne Sheer Glow Highlighter. A lip balm, facial oil like rose hip or a bit of Vaseline also works well if used in small amounts.
I generally get a bit on my index finger and rub it on my brow bone, cupids bow, inner eyes, down the bridge of my nose and in a C shape from my temple to the top of the apple of my cheek, on both sides of my face.

Give your eyes a lift
A few coats of mascara on your lashes will really open them up.
Start with the mascara wand at the root or your lashes, then wiggle it from side to side as you slowly move the wand up.
This will help to separate and lengthen your lashes so you don’t get that clumpy look.
TIP:     If you don’t like black mascara clear mascara will also work a treat.
For extra lift use an eyelash curler to lift your lashes before applying the mascara.

Use eye shadow to enhance your eye colour
Here are some colours that make each eye colour pop:

                        Blue eyes: gold, bronze, peach, yellow tones
                        Brown: dark blue, bronze, greens, gold, purple
                        Green: purple, pinks, reds, copper
                        Hazel: brown, grey, burgundy

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and mix it up a bit.
Remember make-up should be fun and you can always wash it off!