1. Someone attempted to kidnap Princess Anne 

That’s right! Back in the early 1970’s, Princess Anne, just 23 at the time, was traveling on her way back to Buckingham Palace from a charity event when her chauffeur-driven car was blocked by unemployed labourer, Ian Ball, who was armed, and reportedly had been planning the Princesses kidnapping for some time.  

The man, shot the chauffeur, her Security Officer, as well as a journalist who was close by at the time and tried to assist. Thankfully with assistance from former boxer Ron Russell and the police, he was arrested and given a lengthy sentence. 

  1. King Charles can drive without a license! 

Forget logging up 120 hours in your log book, apparently, if you’re the King of England, you don’t even need to take a driver’s test! It seems the Monarch can drive without a driver’s license, in addition, the Royal Family does not have to stick to the speed limits when driven by police on official royal duties. 

  1. The Late Queen Elizabeth II picked her meals from a Personalised Menu 

It’s been reported that at Buckingham Palace, the Queen would be given a menu booklet that she could review and select her favorite meals a few days in advance so the kitchen staff could be well prepared! Everyone has their likes and dislikes when it comes to foods and we hear the Queen tried to avoid garlic and onions where possible but she loved her dark chocolate! 

  1. King Charles dated Princess Diana’s Sister 

Some say that it was Lady Sarah Spencer who played matchmaker and brought Charles and Diana together however did you know that in 1977 it was Charles and Diana’s sister Sarah who first had a brief relationship when meeting at a Royal Ascott House party? It is said that the relationship wasn’t a particularly passionate one, which ended the following year. 

  1. Harry’s real name isn’t Harry? 

Prince Harry, was actually born Henry Charles Albert David, so why do we only know him as Prince Harry? Well traditionally, Monarchs who are given the name Henry, are often referred to by family members and those who are close to the royal family as Harry. Looks like over time, the name Harry just stuck! 

  1. King Charles has his shoelaces pressed and toothpaste pre-squeezed! 

Could it be true? Too posh to push a little toothpaste onto that toothbrush? According to reports, we hear that King Charles enjoys the perks of being a Royal including having his shoelaces pressed flat and his toothpaste squeezed daily.  

  1. Queen Elizabeth often traveled with her own blood supply 

We know that the Royals are well prepared for all things, so I guess the idea that the late Queen Elizabeth II didn’t leave the country without a Royal Doctor and if visiting a place where perhaps blood supplies would be in question, she would simply bring her own supply.  

  1. Princess Anne competed in the Olympics 

The talented Princess Anne was the first member of the British Royal family to compete at the Olympic games back in 1976 in Montreal. She rode the Queen’s horse named Goodwill, in a three-day equestrian event but unfortunately suffered a concussion during the event. Whilst there was no Olympic win, Princess Anne did join the International Olympic Committee later on in 1988. 

  1. Princess Diana was once a teacher 

After some would say a relatively short courtship, Prince Charles and Diana became engaged in early 1981 and married later that same year, but before she became the much-loved Princess of Wales, Diana worked as a Kindergarten Teachers Assistant at the Young England School in Pimlico. 

  1. No Passport Required for the King 

They aren’t exactly cheap, it can be a lengthy wait to receive them, not to mention the stress to make sure we have them with you secure at all times when travelling, but did you know that the King of England is the only person who simply doesn’t require a passport for international travel as British passports are issued in his own name.