Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been friends with David and Victoria Beckham for many years. The two couples have been seen together at numerous events, and they even attended Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018. However, recently, there have been reports that the friendship between the two couples has soured. The friendship between Prince Harry and the Beckhams has deep roots, stretching back to Victoria’s Spice Girls days when the girl group would mingle with the royals during their visits to Buckingham Palace. Harry also shared the close camaraderie he shared with David during his football glory days, with the soccer star often rubbing shoulders with both Prince Harry and Prince William.

The alleged rift between the couples is said to have stemmed from a key factor which is the Beckhams’ alleged leaking of stories to the media about Harry and Meghan. It was reported that David Beckham was absolutely furious after he and his wife Victoria were accused during a tense phone call of leaking stories to the media. It has been previously reported how Prince Harry confronted the soccer legend over leak claims. It is unclear whether the rift between the couples is permanent, but it has certainly cast a shadow over their once-close friendship.

The key allegation against the Beckhams is that they have leaked stories to the media about Prince Harry and Meghan. This allegation has been made and it was claimed that the Beckhams have “a history of leaking stories” and that they are “not above selling stories about their friends”. The Beckhams have denied these allegations, and there is no concrete evidence to support them. However, the allegations have certainly damaged the reputation of the Beckhams and have led to speculation that they are not as close to Harry and Meghan as they once were.

Amid the reported fallout, Meghan’s friendship with another person bearing Victoria Jackson has grown. This person is an influential businesswoman and the couple’s neighbour in Montecito, California. According to reports, Victoria Jackson is a dynamic force and someone who built a business but has also overcome adversity in her private life. Also, she and Meghan bond on many levels as they are extremely close which leaves no space for Victoria Beckham.

Reportedly, Meghan has also developed a close-knit circle of friends in Hollywood who are very protective of her. She is said to be on good terms with hair stylist Amanda Leone as well as Hollywood mogul Ari Emanuel. With the fallout with the Beckhams, those who also form their inner circle of friends include the CEO of William Morris Endeavor, and his wife, Sarah Staudinger as well as Meghan’s former “Suits” co-stars Sarah Rafferty and Abigail Spencer.

It is unclear whether the rift between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with David Beckham is permanent. However, it is clear that the friendship between the two couples has been damaged. It is possible that the friendship can be repaired, but it will take time and effort. If the friendship is to be repaired, both couples will need to be willing to forgive and forget. They will also need to be honest with each other about their feelings. Only time will tell whether the friendship can be saved.