Did you know that the odds of winning the lottery are 1 out of 175 million?

Those are some pretty wild odds.

Out of 175 MILLION people there is a tiny (emphasis on tiny) chance that you do win and are able to suddenly afford to live on a yacht and cruise the globe every day all day.

Now let’s say that those odds were to change to one out of 175 million to one out of 400 billion. Yes, I said billion.

Suddenly you’re feeling like the odds are so slim that the word tiny doesn’t do it justice. Your gorgeous yacht day dream poofs out of the picture and you’re back at home right where you started.

Your couch isn’t nearly as luxurious as the yacht. The food in your fridge isn’t Michelen star rated like the food on your yacht would have been and the view out of your window is certainly nothing special.

Yet, you are still there. Your heart is pumping and your lungs are breathing.

Did you know that the odds of being who you are, where you are, living and breathing are 1 out of 400 billion?

There was a 1 out of 400 billion chance that you are alive and sitting on your couch.

You are the 1 out of 400 billion that made it.

The second you took your first breath, you had become an outlier. The chances of YOU being created were so slim that it is equal to somebody winning the mega lotto TEN TIMES.

And here you are, on your couch living and breathing through these odds.

When we look at our lives with this perspective we realize just how special we are.

How special it is that not only did we beat these insane odds but that we are doing it in our own special way?

There is nobody that is you. You are the only one with your hair and your eyes and your skills and talents. You are the only one who is fully compromised of all of those things and because of that you are so insanely special.

As we move from being young adults to adults we tend to forget just how incredible it is that we exist!

Between the bills, doctors appointments, meetings and everything else that comes along with the chaos of adulthood we truly forget that the chances of us even being able to PAY that bill or be present for that meeting were 1 out of 400 billion.

The chances of us being able to see that beach that beautiful summer day were 1 out of 400 billion.

The chances of us being able to fall in love with somebody were 1 out of 400 billion.

The chances of us being able to be alive to follow our dreams and pursue our passions are 1 out of 400 billion.

So how can we let them slip us by? How do we say to life, “I know that the chances of me being here are absolutely minute but I’m going to settle for my safest option and choose to be unhappy.”?

What if every morning we woke up and said, “I am THE one out of 400 billion.”?

What if our driving force for our lives was that the chances of us even being here, was so small that there was absolutely no way that we weren’t meant to do what made us happy and what impacted our world for the better?

These odds are yours to do whatever you choose.

Are you going to settle or will you choose to embrace the outlier that you were born to be?