Being in your twenties means that you’re one hop, skip, and a jump away from being a real time adult. Responsibility is seeping into our lives and the best time to create healthy habits that will help us become badass, emotionally healthy, physically fit, and overall successful adults is right now.

I like to think of my twenties as building the foundation of my future life-no strong, stable, and beautiful home is made of a crumbling foundation. The foundation is solid and able to take on whatever the weather throws its way because it was built with purpose and poise.

There are several aspects of life that I focus on in creating a balanced foundation: physical, emotional, relationships, and happiness.

  1. Get it right, get it tight

    Don’t slack on your gym routine now. Create the habit of needing the gym to let go of excess energy and for keeping you in shape. Start learning now how to create delicious and healthy meals that will provide your body what it needs to keep you strutting through your badass life. Not only does getting in shape and eating right provide insane benefits for your body and mind, but it establishes confidence and pride within yourself that resonates in all the other parts of your life’s foundation.

  2. Don’t cry over spilled milk

    Or do. Learn about your emotional mind, be observant at what sets you off and what you let roll of your back. Learn yourself. If you know that you’re in need of a good cry in order to be able to think straight, then girlfriend-cry away. Be the master of your own mind and figure yourself out. It may sound silly to observe your own emotional habits but it will change your life and how you carry yourself in business, relationships, and every day occurrences. Figuring out how to best provide for your emotional mind immediately balances you from the inside out and fortifies your foundation for the rest of your life.

  3. Be you, wherever, whenever with whoever

    The relationships you have in your life with your family, friends, and significant others can make or break you. Stressful relationships can ruin your emotional health and soon your physical health will deteriorate as well. Drop or fix any relationship that takes more than it gives out of respect for yourself. Being able to be yourself in all of the close relationships of your life will have significant effects on all other aspects of your life. This goes both ways-if you’re being crummy in a particular relationship in your life, decide today to be the bigger person and create something beautiful where a weed once grew. Create a life where you can be your happy and confident self with everyone that you encounter and you will have built a strong wall that can support the mansion of your life.

  4. Choose happiness

    There’s a famous Buddhist saying that if you desire happiness and find yourself saying “I want happiness” you must first remove I because that is your ego talking and your ego is not a good friend to have. Then, take away want because that is purely desire and the constant desire for things you don’t have will ruin your life. What’s left? Happiness. Happiness can be found today, right here, right now. There is no route to happiness, there just is happiness. It’s kind of a strange concept to wrap your mind around but once you realize that happiness is seriously just a choice then happiness belongs to you always and forever. It’s pretty friggin’ cool.


Our twenties were made for this. Finding ourselves through the creation of ourselves. It’s only right to look out for future you by making sure that you’re giving future you all the resources and stability that you will need in order to have a real time career, a family, and all the other responsibilities and phases of life that are coming our way.

To build our foundation now is to create a stable and strong place to build the rest of our life on top of. A place that can wither hurricanes and tornados, a place that can take remodeling as we continue to grow and learn, and a place that we can come back to day after day no matter where life takes us.