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You’ve probably heard of the many benefits of drinking lemon and hot water but did you know that adding good quality sea salt or pink Himalayan salt to your water has a huge range of health benefits as well?

Some of the benefits include:


adding salt to your water makes it easier for your body to absorb the water which will help your body replace electrolytes a lot quicker. So next time you’re doing a workout add some salt to your water bottle for an extra boost of hydration.

Better Digestion

Salt water helps to stimulate your saliva glands which then releases the enzyme amylase which is needed to help your body digest and breakdown food.

Weight Loss

Due to it improving digestion it also promotes weight loss as your body is able to speed up the fat burning process.

Great Skin

The minerals that are in salt mixed with water are great for helping your body detox anything in your body that could be causing skin issues.

Better Sleep

Do you find it hard to sleep after a stressful day because your mind just wont seem to stop running around in circles? Well sipping water with salt throughout the day and even before bed might just help calm you down. The minerals found in salt help to calm the nervous system down which will in turn help your body wind down foe bed time.

The best way to make salt water

It can be as simple as adding a few pinches of good quality sea salt or pink Himalayan salt to your water. However if you want to get the maximum benefits you can follow this method of making what is called ‘Salt Water Sole.’
To make this you’ll need a glass jar with a plastic lid, good quality salt and water. Then simply fill a third of the jar with salt, pour in some filtered water leaving around 5cm at the top. Pop the lid on then give the jar a good shake. Then leave to sit for at least 24 hours and drink first thing in the morning for best results.