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At one stage or another, there may have been a time where you have said or at least thought, I wish I could…

For some, that dream might be to buy a house or pay off their mortgage, it might be to lose a substantial amount of weight or to run a marathon, perhaps its starting a new business venture, and for others it might be as simple as finding more time for yourself with a new hobby.

What sets people apart is what they do after they dream. In my life, I have come across three different types of people when it comes to the issue of Goals.

1) The Dreamers

These are the people that dream about something they might like to change or achieve but that’s where it starts and where it ends. They are people who just let life takes it course.

2) Then there are the Fakers

these are people who will tell you that they have goals, and as good as their intentions are when it comes down to it, their dream stays a dream because they don’t put anything into practice to achieve them. Then there are the creators;

3) The Creators

are people who are driven by their dreams to change their life path and do so.

So what are some simple steps to consider to get started on your journey?

Record Your Goal

Open up a word doc or do it ‘old school’ and get a note pad and pen. You know what you want to achieve but now it’s time to break it down.

Be realistic and specific

Goals aren’t about trying to achieve the unachievable, but they aren’t meant to be easy. Make sure you aren’t too general when setting your goal, for example, if you want to lose weight, have a specific amount you want to lose and make a realistic schedule that will allow you to do so.

Set short term goals within long term goals

Sometimes there are lots of smaller obstacles to get through before the big goal is anywhere in sight. To keep feeling motivated and driven, set smaller goals to reach along the way, so that you can feel accomplished and created good habits to continue in your success.

Forgive Yourself

Create a path to your goal that whilst you know might end up with a few cracks and turns in it, you also know ultimately if you stick to it you will reach the end result. If you stumble, resilience is key and I like to avoid the term deadline and rather plan a schedule of expected dates of completion. If for example your goal is to pay off your mortgage in 10 years and you are scheduled to pay it off in 10 years and six months. Don’t be fooled by thinking ‘you didn’t meet your deadline’, you should be proud of an amazing achievement reached.

Keep being inspired

Read for inspiration, Write for clarity and Remember the reason of goal setting is about empowering you to achieve your dream.