Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt


Hollywood’s hottest couple had an onscreen romance in the movie ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ this romance then translated off screen and Brad left Jennifer Aniston for Angela. 10 years later they’re still going strong!

Jenna Dewan & Channing Tatum


Channing was so attracted to Jenna’s sexy dance moves when they filmed Step Up together that he couldn’t resist tying the knot with her in real life!


Ryan Goling & Eva Mendes


Every girls dream husband and every guys dream woman played a couple in Place Beyond the Pines. This then sparked up a real life romance and they now have a baby together. Enter the sound of hearts breaking everywhere.


Katie Holmes & Joshua Jackson


These teen sensations shared a short romance off screen when filming the first season of Dawson’s creek.


Rachel Bilson & Adam Brody


The OC was one of the hottest TV shows of the 00’s and everyone wanted to be Seth and Summer so fans every freaked when it was revealed they were together in real life! They are no longer together but Adam (or should we say Seth) is now married to Leighton Meester who played Blair from Gossip girl, fulfilling every teen from the 00’s dream.


Chad Michael Murray & Sophia Bush


This onscreen couple were together in real life and actually got married. Unfortunately much like their on screen characters their marriage was short lived, only lasting 5 months.


Milo Ventimiglia & Alexis Bledel


Rory (Bledel), the darling of stars hollow dated bad boy Jesse (Ventimiglia) in the hit TV show Gilmore girls. In real life Milio and Alexis dated for 4 years but just like their on screen characters their relationship ended.