Image source manufeildelofficial instagram

Back from the break and the young doting ‘chefs to be’ are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the mystery guest chef, who when he walks through the door they all near faint to the floor as if Elvis himself has been resurrected and is back in time for dessert.

Whether you think that’s a little ‘overkill’ or not, it seems fair to suggest by the success in ratings, Aussies just can’t get enough of some of our much loved cooking reality shows like My Kitchen Rules, MasterChef and Great Australian Bake Off. But is it the cooking alone we love to watch or is it the chefs we are tuning in for?

Several weeks into the 7th season of MKR, I cannot help but notice the insane attention that the French born chef Manu Feildel continues to receive from the contestants and fans despite the fact that we know he is well and truly ‘off the market’. I mean, there is no doubt that this man is a tall, handsome glass of french champagne, but what exactly is it that makes women (and men) want a little Manu on their Menu.

  • Charm: It all begins with a delightful double cheeked kiss as a little appetiser. I mean, this man is oozing charm with his cool as a cucumber walk, cheeky smile and down to earth personality.
  • Well-Travelled: Whether you yourself have seen many beautiful corners of the world (google earth doesn’t count), or whether you have only dreamt about it, you can really appreciate a partner who is well travelled because they tend to allow themselves to ‘live in the moment’ and enjoy life, they learn patience and adjust to changes in cultures and experiences. When we look at Manu, we can only imagine what fascinating stories he could indulge us with over a glass of red.
  • Okay, okay, I can almost hear you all screaming from here…The accent!!! It’s the accent!!! That scrumptious French accent…and I could not agree more. Usually when I hear the word ‘sauce’ it’s in the form of my young children yelling out at me because I have forgotten to put the tomato sauce out on the dining room table (how dare i). So how is it that this man when merely using the words “sauce“, crunch” and “flavour” tantalises us into frenzy? Is it the French accent specifically or do we love a man with any accent? Surely if it is the French accent alone that is responsible for this hysteria, single french men abroad would be frantically saving their Euros and buying a one way ticket to Australia? Put down those money jars men, you need all 5 ingredients for the Manu effect to take place.
  • Talent: Of all the occupations you would want you man to be…surely this is the one you want him to have ladies. A chef and a successful one at that. Surely I can’t be alone in dreading that time of the week where I need to plan my dinners for the week, make the shopping list, then jump online and search for new recipes because surely there has to be more to life than the same old Tuesday night spaghetti bol? Imagine after a long tiring day at work coming home to a perfectly cooked dinner by this man? Enough said.
  • A man who loves his mumma: Now there is a very big difference between a mummas boy and a man who loves his mumma and we want the latter. Who doesn’t love a man who respects and appreciates his mum.

Now, if only a restaurant had a menu like this…