It’s safe to say that this season, season 10 of MAFS, has once again been full of love, tears, drama, a couple of cheating scandals and we are absolutely all here for it!

Australians are only just popping the champas back into the fridge after celebrating Johns’s decision for the first time ever to give power back to Josh and Caitlyn to decide if they wanted to leave their partners, and we couldn’t be happier they did!

Meanwhile, we still see Bronte in complete denial, choosing instead to just keep faith that with every week she stays with her ‘good looking to some’ (thank you Allessandra) husband Harry that her Insta followers will exponentially increase.

As we strap in for tonight’s episode (settle down Mel), we see Jesse smiling ever so brightly and talking about how his relationship with Claire is back on track. We start to hear birds tweeting, and a string quartet playing in the background which can only mean one thing. Absolute mayhem is about to unfold.

Claire has been naughty. Very Very naughty, and fortunately for her, the ever-so-sensible Sandy is there to encourage her to come clean.

So what is the truth?

Claire reveals to Sandy that she and Adam shared a kiss. Scandalous!

Everyone is getting dressed for two new couples’ weddings that are entering the experiment.

Adam is getting dressed for the upcoming nuptials. Apparently, he has one piece of advice to give to the new couples. My advice would be to 1) focus on your relationship and 2) give it everything you’ve got. and oh Adam, you forgot one more buddy 3) Be careful who you kiss on the sly after a few drinky poos at the pub. You know what I mean, just make sure they can keep a secret. Wink Wink.

Introducing Tayla. She is apparently a non-negotiable, and won’t budge one little bit for anyone or anything, type of gal. For some very strange reason, partners haven’t put up with that sh*t from her in the past, so she needs this experiment to find someone who will.

The experts have paired her with a loveable self-proclaimed space cadet named Hugo.

She walks down the aisle and Hugo introduces himself. As Tayla studies his face intently, she informs him and the room of her expectations of a partner and more importantly that she once had a goat named Hugo. Later, Hugo, the entire reception room and anyone within a five-kilometer radius will also learn that Tayla absolutely hates cats.

Here comes Evelyn strutting down the runway. Evelyn promises to be vulnerable, as dating in Sydney sucks big time. Along comes a friendly sparky named Rupert. He’s been in love once before and apparently almost got his knee dirty, but reconsidered since the shower wasn’t running that week.

We see the experts sitting around in a circle, convincing us that taking the opposites-attract approach with these two matches is the key to success.

Meanwhile, the ever-so-sweet Rupert gets so distracted by his burning ears, he stumbles and loses the rings as he walks down the aisle. Unfortunately, this will not be the only occasion that Rupert will lose the rings tonight. Evelyn looks at her groom and informs Rupert it’s time to talk. Rupert begins speaking a language unknown to mankind and leaves us wondering if indeed, this is actually another MAFS first and she is about to marry an alien at first sight.

What’s probably most intriguing is that even with the sex before-marriage joke that fell flat, the awkward photo shoot, and the stunned mullet approach in general, Evelyn is mostly horrified by the fact that his name is Rupert.

Jesse is smiling, excitable, being incredibly sweet, thus preparing us viewers for absolute destruction ahead. Sandy is full of anxiety. Claire is still sweating bullets. She wants a redo so she can be holy again.

Sandy and Dan have a sweet moment. Sweet, best bud type of moment. Is anyone else seeing this?

Claire decides enough is enough, I better tell Jesse before someone else does and off they go. I have broken your trust she says. That night we all went out. Adam and I went outside…we kissed.

Poor Jesse is devastated but laughs away his sadness. They called him jealous and made him feel bonkers but he knew it all along. He calls Adam a dog and then a snake, realising we all love dogs but not so much Adam so snake was a better fit. I wonder what Janelle’s over protective brothers would say right now…

Signing off. I cannot wait to see how this plays out x