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Autumn has arrived, and the cooler temperatures have us popping on our Oodies, warm socks, and pressing down on that kettle far too many times a day. But it’s when you hear the crackling of a fireplace and see that beautiful green countryside on your tv screen, you know for sure that a new season of Farmer Wants a Wife has begun and we hear it’s the “most romantic season ever!”. 

Fans of the show first tuned in on April 10th, 2023 to watch the first episode of Season 13 of Farmers Wants a Wife, where they met the five new farmers on their search for love, and the single ladies who are open to living life on the farm for their perfect man.  

At the start of any reality show, particularly ones that are based around finding love, I always think about how wonderfully brave these women are for putting themselves out there in this way. For the farmers, the opportunity for them is like no other. They are living in small rural communities where everyone knows everyone, so the pressure to make the right choices is difficult, knowing they won’t get an opportunity quite like this again. 

People love to watch others fall in love on tv and there are many reality shows about love, but this show has an impressive resume of success in matching singles. Over twelve seasons, there have been nine marriages, five couples who are living together and twenty-five babies! 

Unlike other seasons, host Sam Armytage tells us in the season trailer that this season “Every farmer will find love”, so what is it about this reality show that sees so many find love for the long haul? 

When the farmers are chosen, a call-out is made to singles across Australia. They can read about the farmer, see a photo and video before deciding to apply for who they are interested in. 

The farmers will then take a look at the many applicants that have shown interest in them and choose eight of the women to meet in person. Maybe this is the key. Initial attraction is important, so when that mutual attraction is sorted out nice and early, along with a few of the basics about someone, it allows for a deeper connection to be made when they meet in person. 

Set once again in NSW’s gorgeous Hunter Valley at The Convent, the girls gather around wine barrels and candlelight, ready to meet their farmer. So, who are this year’s five lucky farmers? 

Farmer Matt
23 from Bookham, NSW 

Matt is the youngest farmer of the group and says the dating scene is non-existent in his town. He says he is ready to meet a partner and dreams of raising another generation on the farm.  

Farmer Brenton
26 from Darriman, Victoria 

Perhaps the shyest of the farmers, farmer Brenton admits he isn’t a big talker. His friends describe him as genuine and a bit awkward, but his ladies can’t wait to meet him. 

Farmer David
29 from Pozieres, Queensland 

He is a 4th Generation Apple Farmer, a passionate man who loves his dogs and music. He is somewhat of a romantic who believes he is a better version of himself when in love.  

32 from Cootamundra, NSW 

Passionate about life on the land, Farmer Brad is after that warm and fuzzy feeling. He loves the lifestyle he leads and wants someone to share it with. 

41 from Narromine, NSW 

A sheep and crop farmer who has been single for some nine years and is missing someone in his life. A self-proclaimed catch because he is loyal and honest, a bit of a dancer and someone who is hoping to find his forever person.  

We can’t wait to see who ends up together!

You can stream the episodes on Farmer Wants a Wife here.