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They built a relationship in the ‘pods’, proposed to a person sight unseen, met each other in a runway-style reveal, and had tropical honeymoons. Then finally, walk down the aisle in front of family and friends to answer the big question, is love really blind? 

But after the cameras are gone, and the normalities of real life kick in, which couples have stayed strong and are still together? 

Amber & Barnett – Season 1

Whilst many fans had their doubts about this relationship from the beginning, the couple now over four years into their marriage have proven to be the real deal! 

Lauren & Cameron – Season 1

These two were simply in love from the moment they spoke with one another and it grew stronger when they met. These fan favorites are still together and will be celebrating their five-year wedding anniversary later in the year. 

Colleen & Matt – Season 3

The road was bumpy for these two on the show and some reports suggest that has continued into their first year of marriage, however, social media shows these two are still happily together. 

Alexa & Brennon – Season 3

They were the first couple in their season to get engaged and these two turned out to be everything we wanted them to be.  

Tiffany & Brett – Season 4

We kept waiting for a little tiff. A little argument perhaps? All we got was a last-minute mini tantrum over a suit tailoring situation. Together, they gave us nothing but perfection. They have only come off the most recent season of the show, but fans are hoping these two continue to show love. 

Bliss & Zack – Season 4

Can you believe these two made it down the aisle! After proposing to Irina and having that turn into a mess, fans were left feeling sorry for Zach. Bliss came to the rescue for all of us, forgiving Zack for initially choosing wrong and in the end allowing herself to find happiness with him. 

Jackie & Josh – Season 4

It was looking good until it got messy! It was quickly over for Jackie and Marshall, but Jackie did find love with someone else in the pods. She and Josh appear to be happy and enjoying life together! 

Chelsea & Kwame – Season 4

Before they walked down the aisle, fans watching on, were uncertain if we would hear any ‘I dos’. There was the Kwame and Micah flirting situation, Kwame’s mum not attending the wedding and what was starting to look like cold feet but, In the end, we saw the love and both said ‘I do’.