Here’s what I’ve learned from over a year of being single.

This is where the magic happens.

In one year of being single I have:

Traveled to:

New Orleans (For Mardi Gras!)
Las Vegas
Chicago, IL
Miami, FL

In one year of being single I have:

Found what my passion is
Created a personal brand and blog off of my passions
Built an online following
Started a brand new career in the industry of my dreams

In one year of being single I have:

Figured out how to make me happy.

This post is for the girl who is feeling disheartened. Confused as to why love always seems to miss her but hit everyone else. The girl that is wondering if it’s her and that’s why nobody is around.

This is bigger than that.

If you’re feeling down and out about being single, decide today that in the best way possible it’s happening because it’s meant to be.

What happens when you’re single? You’re automatically more open to new life experiences, you have no choice but to become your own best friend, and you learn what it takes to make yourself happy every single day.

Of course you can do all of these things while in a relationship, but for me it’s without question that I have been single so that I would put my full force and energy into me and not somebody else.

In one year of being single I have learned how to make myself so undeniably happy that nobody could take it away from me. It’s a habit that I have created that when I bring it into my next relationship, it will make this one insanely special.

In one year of being single, I have started to build the career of my dreams. I have made these decisions and big moves all on my own. I have failed and tried again. I have succeeded and celebrated. I have learned that on my own, I can make sh*t happen and if I’m to do date anyone in the future he must be capable of the same skill set.

In one year of being single, I have focused on friendships that will last a lifetime. By being single I have been able to so strongly prioritize my friends and family that I have been able to create such tight knit relationships with people that will be in my life forever. With my energy only focused on those I love, I have been able to be present with all of my friends during good and bad times. I have been able to say yes on a whim to a trip to Colorado after a guy burned one of my friends pretty badly. I’ve been able to be the great friend that I strive to be.

This is the magic that I was talking about.

The magic of having all of this extra time, energy, and money (that would have gone into a relationship) that when allocated to new places of your life creates sparks.

It creates a movement within you and everything happening around you. It changes you. It grows you. It makes you become you.

If you’re feeling down and out about being single-fret no more. This is your time to make things happen for yourself. This is your time to make yourself happy. This is your time to say yes to everything and anything that sounds fun. This is your time to take risks.

Realize the potential magic that you hold in the moment, and then make moves with it. Travel. Find your passions. Live to your fullest potential. Let it resonate with you the freedom and ability that you have right now. Enjoy it while it’s here.

After you have mastered the art of making yourself happy and being an independent entity, you’ll realize that you are now at the top of almost any guys “who I want to date” list.

You’ll have a power that not everybody has. You’ll have the power of being so unapologetically and happily you that that energy alone will have men dazed.

So stop being worried about being single and start using it as a time for incredible growth and movement. Use it as a platform to get yourself from Point A to Point B and remember to look back in a few months and realize just how far you’ve come.