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We have all been at the point in our life when we were between relationships. We have no potential prospects and are feeling lonesome and in need of companionship, and sexual release. So, what do you do on a Friday night when your libido is taking over? Sure, you could self-indulge and masturbate; but why should you when a sexual partner could only be a phone call away?

The idea of having someone that is only a phone call away to have a sexual encounter with is an exciting adventure. People need to have this experience once in his or her lifetime. No need for faithfulness, a trusting connection and someone you can care about, have sex with but have no further obligation to.

We’ve read about it, we’ve seen it acted out in the movies and on TV shows and you may know friends who participate in such activity. So, how do you get a ‘friends with benefits‘ (FWB) partner? Where do you look for this type of a relationship?

Ask Friends

You know someone who is involved in a similar type of set-up, so ask that person if he or she knows another person looking for the same situation. Having a person referred to you takes away some of the guess work as to the person’s background and reputation. Now, keep in mind, only ask your friend if you are fine with someone knowing of your soon-to-be sexual set-up.

Online Dating Websites

These websites generally monitor registered users to make sure they a genuine. Plus they have categories for hook-ups and/or friends with benefits. You can even search for people via their fetishes and sexual interests.

Being Discreet

Perhaps you want to keep this set-up on the down low; so being discreet and not letting others know of your predicament, situation or ‘friend’ is your choice. No one needs to know what is going on. As long as you, and your FWB are happy with how the relationship is, then why bother telling people. Some friends may not be as open-minded or understanding of your state of affairs. So it may be best to keep it hush.

Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy; and when having a sexual relationship with someone, never hide important facts. Be as open and honest as you would like the other person to be with you. After all, you are planning on being naked with this person so they have seen you at your most vulnerable.