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I’m so excited to be able to review one of Kylie Jenner’s lip kits! I chose Candy K because I wanted a nude-ish lip color and I had not found one yet that I liked. It shows up a little darker than I had imagined, but I really like it. Overall, I am loving it and I’ll let you know what I like about it, what I don’t like about it, and what others are saying.

The Packaging

I can really appreciate good, cute packaging. The excitement and anticipation that comes from ordering anything online makes me feel like a kid around Christmas! So when I finally get my package in the mail…and the packaging itself is cute, it’s like an added bonus!


The Color

I love the color, even though I wasn’t expecting it to be as dark nude as it is. It really makes my lips pop and look SO FULL! I’m pretty bad at putting my lipstick on so here are some pictures of how the color looks on others 🙂

The Feel

Okay so one of the things I heard from others was that this matte lipstick was not drying like other matte lipsticks are. But, actually I have other matte lipsticks that are not as drying as this one. This matte lipstick is liquid, so when you’re putting it on you’re thinking it’s amazing. And then it dries. (It dries really fast which can be good and bad.) Once it dried it felt really dry and made my lips dry out. But, you can always add some vaseline or chapstick.

The Longevity

This matte lipstick lasts so long! I love lipsticks that are matte because of how they look and how long they last. This one is no different. This lipstick will last all day, even through meals. It definitely has a good life quality.

You may think I’m biased because I’m a Kardashian/Jenner fan, but I think I’m being pretty fair. I love the color and longevity of this matte lipstick, but I don’t like how it dries my lips out.

Have you tried any of the Kylie Jenner lip kits? Which ones? Do you want to? Comment below to share your thoughts and opinions!