OK so I’m sure we all know by now how amazing coconut oil is when it comes to cooking and making recipes but did you know there are also a lot of beauty uses for this oil?

Here are just a few beauty uses for this magic oil:

1. Makeup remover & face cleanser
2. A body scrub just mix it with some sugar or ground coffee beans
3. A moisturising body wash – just massage it into your skin while you’re in the shower and then wash it off. The excess oil will stay on your skin and leave your skin feeling super soft!
4. Breath freshener when you use it for oil pulling (search ‘oil pulling’ on my blog to see what I’m talking about.)
5. Shaving cream
6. Hair and scalp mask
7. As a natural highlighter – just dab a very small amount on your cheek bones
8. Lip balm
9. Cuticle cream
10. Eye cream

What’s your favourite way to use coconut oil?