Beautiful woman face. Perfect makeup. Beauty fashion. Eyelashes. Cosmetic Eyeshadow. Highlighting
Last year our instagram feeds seemed to be filled with over contoured faces with layers upon layers of makeup. The Kardashian’s were the queens of this look and everyone wanted to look like them. However now a new trend is starting (thank god!) called strobing. Strobing promotes a more clean, natural and dewy look and doesn’t require layers upon layers of makeup. Instead of hiding your natural beauty and completely changing your features like over contouring can do strobing brings out your natural features and is also MUCH better for your skin. I have been ‘strobing’ since I was a teenager however I had no idea that there was a term for it and would use lip gloss to highlight my features as highlighter products were only just starting to come. So it’s great to see this trend taking over the contouring fad and the great range of products that are out there to help you strobe like a pro.

So forget everything you’ve learnt about contouring and read on to learn how to strobe.

Step 1

You will need to prep your skin with a hydrating moisturiser link this one to give your skin that fresh dewy look. If your skin is extremely dry you can even use a thin layer of a clear hydrating mask like this one which will will plump your skin up and create the dewiness.

Young beautiful woman caring of her face with moisturizer cream


Step 2

Choose your highlighter type and colour.
Choose a pearl tone for pale skin, light pink for medium tone skin or gold for darker skin.
If your skin is quite oily choose a powder highlighter like this one.
For a stronger highlight use a cream highlighter like this.
For a more natural highlighter use a liquid like this one.

TIP:  You don’t have to use products for their sole purpose. Eye shadows and skin oils can often double as great highlighters.

Step 3

Using your finger or a medium sized eye shadow brush place your chosen product on the areas of your face that catch the light, excluding any areas on your face that tend to get oily like your forehead or around your nose.
The best places to place your highlighter are where the pink circles are in the photo below.
So the top of your cheek bones, temples, cupids bow, below and above your eyebrow arch, down the bridge of your nose and in the corners of your eyes.

Step 4

Now you can add the finishing touches like blush, mascara and eye shadow. Note that when you are using other products on your face after strobing try and steer clear of any products that have shimmer in them so your face doesn’t go from looking glowy to oily. A nice matte blush like this one is the perfect product to complement your strobing.

Beautiful woman face. Perfect makeup. Beauty fashion. Eyelashes. Cosmetic Eyeshadow. Highlighting