You heard me.

There’s not one cell in my body that can conform to a “normal” lifestyle of having a sub-par job that doesn’t make me excited and happy to be alive. I strive for passion in my life, in my relationships, friendships, and in my career and I’m certain everyone should.

If you are given one life to live, why in the world would you spend it being kind of happy and not all the way-can’t even fathom it-over the top-happy? Everyone can have that type of happiness and I think it’s just plain silly that not everyone is going for it.

What’s there to lose? In my eyes, you’re already losing if you aren’t obsessed with the life that you’re living or at least working towards being obsessed with your life.

Whether your dream is to be a nurse, blogger, financial advisor, ANYTHING-you have to go for it because you can achieve it. There are endless reasons to go all the way and get what you want from this life-here’s 4 of my top reasons.

  1. Other people have done it and lived to tell the tale

    The beauty of the Internet is that it has created something incredible, a doorway into other people’s lives. There is living proof on the Internet of people who are doing what they love and killing it. They work on their own time, they travel, they live fascinatingly exciting lives and we get to not only watch them but be inspired by them! There are plenty of YouTube videos of successful people breaking it down and telling us word for word how to get to where they are now, a place of passion and happiness (and it’s all free!).

  2. Your 90 year old self will never be able to thank your present self enough.

    If you could write a letter to your 16 year old self would you say stay home and study more, say no to great experiences, and not allow yourself to be happy? No! You would write a letter and say, go on that random date with that boy from your social studies class, go to concerts with your friends, and take anything out of your life that doesn’t make you completely and totally happy. So what would your 90 year old self say to your present self? Chances are she’d say GO FOR IT! FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS AND LAUGH AT ANYONE WHO DOESN’T BELIEVE IN YOU. And yes, you will be yelling because your hearing might not be as great as it is now.

  3. Your heart will explode with the opportunities that present themselves to you.

    When you ditch the life that you’re not meant to be living and go for the one that makes your heart sing incredible things happen. Suddenly opportunity comes knocking on your door and you’ll look back in six months and say woah, I wanted to do “this” in order to follow my dreams and out of nowhere “this” appeared. Sometimes I won’t even notice opportunities that I’ve been given until a few months later when I realize that exactly what I needed had been given to me on a silver platter. There is no better term but that it’s truly magical.

  4. You’ll never work for the rest of your life.

    There will be no such thing as living for the weekend because everyday is your weekend. Waking up and being happy about the day you’re about to have will change everything in your life. Your personality, your health, your friendships, and relationships will all change into even better versions of what they originally were. Imagine never working because what you do is so thrilling to you that being there and getting the work done is never a chore but positive part of your life? Now make that reality!

I believe in the power of people’s dreams. If millions of other people on this planet have achieved their dreams, why the hell shouldn’t you? This world is yours for the taking and we have no choice but to do so! Don’t settle. Prove to yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to because you can pull it off.

Sit down, figure out what you want and then move yourself in that direction. Baby steps count! Just get moving. You can thank me later.