It’s not that you have lost your way.

Or that you are failing.

You haven’t gone back any steps.

And you aren’t on the wrong track.

It is plain and simple, you have lost your inspiration.

The spark of love and unknowing that first caught your eye.

Within you that spark still resides, yet as the days added up and the experiences bombarded you the light became covered.

Yet you can uncover this light.

The one that first enticed you.

Pulling away the limitations that you believe to be true.

Forcing the negative energy of self doubt out the metaphorical door.

Underneath it lies your original intent.

The reason why you set out on this adventure in the first place.

It is a beautiful reminder of the life that you originally sought after.

Yet lying there naked and uncovered, the inspiration that once challenged you to change your entire life and go for your dreams no longer resonates inside of you.

How could this be?

The original inspiration transformed you faster than you could keep up.

It smothered you in love and in heart ache.

Flung you off the cliff and pulled the parachute at the last minute.

It raised the stakes.

Inspiration that once bewildered you no longer catches your eye.

There is even more out there. To feel, to touch, to be surrounded by.

It’s what you never expected to have to do.

It is time to say good bye to the person you were.

And hello to the person you have become.

The goals that once enticed you are no longer enough.

New aspirations take form and they do just as the first had, they scare you.

For the second time, life asks you:

Will you take the plunge?

As life calls out to you and tells you to follow its lead you worry that maybe it’s all too much.

You aren’t ready.

Yet you must remember that this is how you felt the first time life began to whisper in your ear, telling you the sweet story of the lifestyle that beckoned you.

You trusted and life delivered.

And so, it is now your job to trust again.

To step it up.

Go beyond your comfort zone for the second time.

And show life that just as it is calling you, you are standing ready to follow.

With one brave foot in front of the other you take life’s hand and let it lead you trusting that this is where you are meant to go.

Until one day, the cycle repeats again and you must remind yourself,

It is not that I have lost my way.

I am a new person.

And it is time for my next path.