You’ve probably seen articles and books everywhere on the habits of successful people but how do you know if you or those around are starting to take on habits that could be hindering your success? Well we’ve put together ten habits of unsuccessful people so you can pick out if you are doing any of these and make a change so you can be on your path to a life full of success whatever that may look like to you.

The top ten habits of unsuccessful people are:
  1. They always play the victim and blame others for their situation.
  2. They are not team players
  3. They don’t continue to educate themselves and expand their knowledge, they often think they know it all.
  4. They surround themselves with toxic people.
  5. They dwell too much on the past.
  6.  They constantly talk to themselves in a negative way and often have a negative mindset.
  7. They secretly hope others will fail and try to bring others down with them. This can also be referred to as the ‘Crab Mentality.
  8. They don’t set goals or have any sort of direction in life.
  9. They talk more than they listen.
  10. They hold onto grudges and resentment.