There is a massive risk that comes with following your dreams.

You risk not having the support of friends and family.

You risk time spent away from helping you gain seniority at a corporate job.

You risk being judged on your choices.

Mostly, you risk the chance of failure.

When we imagine what it would take to really go for those big dreams that are calling out to us, we freeze in fear.

To take that route feels like jumping off of a cliff into the pitch dark, knowng that you don’t have a parachute. That leap is what holds most people back.

The thing is, we forget that this risk comes as a double edged sword.

The massive risk feels like the failure that could come about if we go all in on our childhood dreams.

In reality, the biggest risk of all is not living your potential.

Life gives you two options. To take the easy route or the hard one.

The fear of the unknown beckons us into the well lit, crowded path. This path promises us security and stability. Yet, it is missing something crucial.

This path lacks the passion, experience and the rush. It is a safe path for now but down the future it turns into something horribly jagged, unpleasent and regretful.

When elderly people were asked what they would change if they could go back in time, the majority answer that they regret not having attempted their dreams.

The regret comes in the form of taking the safe path and not giving that dark plunge into an unknown abiss a chance. In hindsight, that plunge would have defined their life.

If you ask me, there is a massive risk in going for your dreams but an even larger one in living your life with the regret that you never tried.

Set flames to your comfort zone and take this as a sign to level up your life and to take the action that the little voice in your head has been asking you to do for years.

Don’t risk the one life that you have been given.

Risk the potential for abundant beauty to come your way.

And know, you’ll never have to ask yourself, “What if?”.