I’m going to start off with exactly what you thought you were going to hear:

You need to take action.

This is obvious. By a pretty young age you learn that if you want to create any directional change in your life you need to take a physical or mental step in order to do so.

Yet, we tend to forget this as we get older.

We get trapped in relationships that stopped feeling good months ago. We hang around at a job that we despise because we think that one day we’ll quit.

But we don’t.

The reality becomes that we spend all of our time thinking about the action and not taking it.

So what actually stops us?

It’s the step in-between realizing that you want change and then taking the physical action needed to make the difference.

I think of this awkward middle point as a blackhole because in fact it will suck you in. Even worse, the longer that you allow yourself to stay sucked in that blackhole the harder it is to get out.

What happens if instead of allowing yourself to get sucked into this time evaporating hole you never even got close to the entrance?

This would mean that was soon as you became aware that some part of your life wasn’t making you happy anymore, right then and there you took action.

Within a few days of realizing that a relationship isn’t going to work out, you end it.

Work starts to suck and it’s not longer enjoyable, so you put your two weeks in.

What happens after that?

The opportunity for happiness comes to you.

With all of this newly opened space, you’ve now allowed the chance for exactly what you want to happen, to happen.

You’ve now opened yourself up the chance that things could go exactly as you wanted.

What happens if they don’t?

Here’s the best part: you weren’t happy anyway. So if you wanted your situation to go from a 2 to a 10 but instead it gets stuck at a 4…you’re already a step ahead of where you were.

Next time you realize that a person, job or situation isn’t serving you the same thing happens, except this time you’re already at a 4 and you’re able to bump yourself to a 6.

Do you see the pattern?

Taking action on change is going to be the make or break between where you want to be and where you are.

Walk away from the entrance of that blackhole and take immediate action on everything that you want to differ and find the fastest way to get everything that you desire from your life.