PLESES MRMRM A young woman blowing gold glitter from her hand, towards the camera.

Yes, magic. Magic that will make you question if you are dreaming or if you really just pulled that off.

It’s the type of magic that makes you want to come back for more, every single day. The type of magic that makes you smile from ear to ear. The type of magic that makes you incomparably happy.

For me this magic involves a lot of career oriented things. I want to make good money while I write and travel the world. A year ago this could not have seemed farther away. I legitimately thought that there was a sick joke being played on me where I would have this epic dream that would never come true because-let’s be serious-how the hell was I going to pull it off?

Well, let’s just say that life has become a thing of pure magic for me and I’m here to tell anyone that will listen how I made the magic appear out of thin air.


1. I embraced patience

I spent years (legit YEARS) looking through my Instagram feed and being genuinely pissed off because all of these people my age had this incredible success that allowed them to travel and explore new places and I was waitressing and barely paying my bills. It put me in a really low place and for a while I lived life thinking that everything was harder for me than everyone else or that I wasn’t handed the opportunity that the people doing what I wanted to do had been handed. What a waste of my time! One day I had this massive insight-really I was so sick and tired of being pissed that I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life that I said “F*ck it. I”m going to sit back, relax and stop constantly thinking about why I’m not living THAT life that I so badly desire. I’m just going to live day by day and figure it out later.” That was about a year ago. Almost the second that I let go and embraced being patient with my future, my desired future started to come together. I am now growing my writing career so that in six months I will be able to travel the world AND make a solid income while doing so. The opportunity to travel the world literally fell into my lap and came with the perfect timing of my apartment lease ending. Embracing patience was by far the best thing I have ever done for myself and my life.


2. I surrendered to my intuition

In the same way that I decided to embrace patience and stop worrying about my future, I embraced the idea of surrendering to whatever came my way and made me feel good. As my patience created this whirlwind of opportunity and growth in life I suddenly had all of these chances to follow my intuition and to do what really felt right to me. I started reading books, blogs, watching videos, and listening to podcasts that stood out to me as a valuable resource. I started to only say things and think things that resonated well with me. This can sound easy but actually be really hard. We’ve all had that feeling when something just feels right but sometimes it’s not an easy thing to say yes to. What I’ve learned is that you have to say yes to that feeling because as soon as you say yes the sky opens up and rains glitter all over you. Say yes to that feeling at least one time and you’ll find it hard to ever say no again.


3. I talked to people about my dreams

Before this year I don’t think I had every actually said out loud “I want to be a blogger and travel the world.” I wanted so badly to be a blogger and travel the world but I seriously talked to nobody about it because I felt kind of dumb saying it out loud-as if it was this ridiculous thing that would never come true. Well, as my patience brought new opportunity into my life (that I made sure to say yes to because my intuition told me to) I was put in a precarious situation. I had to tell people about my dreams. I couldn’t have a secret writing career that nobody would know about until I became successful off of it. I had to tell people that I worked with that I had another job that I was working really hard on so that it would one day be my only source of income. Then I had to explain to them what I wrote about and what my blog was about. Then people would ask me the name of my blog so they could look at it! At first this made me so insanely nervous it would genuinely make my stomach flip. It made me feel incredibly vulnerable to have people I knew read what I was writing. It turns out that this vulnerability has given me more opportunity then I could have ever fathomed. When I tell people I have a blog they want to set me up with a friend of theirs who can increase my audience or they’ll say “How did you do that, I want to do that?!”. It’s incredible and has made my dreams materialize in front of my eyes.


Everyone deserves to have magic in their life. These three rules can be applied to any situation. If you want love, become patient, embrace surrendering to whatever life is asking of you right now, and don’t be afraid to talk to you friends, family, or anyone (when the situation arises) about how you would love to have a boyfriend or significant other.

Use words that empower. Tell yourself everyday that you are patiently waiting for your dreams to come to you and you are ready for opportunity to come your way. Until then you’ll be here, saying yes to people, experiences, and resources that will further your ability to complete your dreams. When you talk to people about your dreams don’t say “I want to be a blogger but I don’t know what I’m doing and it’s really not that good.” Stand confidently behind what you are creating in your life and say “I’m a blogger and this is the message that my blog is spreading.”

Apply these rules to your life and watch the magic. I have to warn you that this kind of magic is addicting and once you start you’ll never want to stop.

Pull your magic out of thin air, spread the love that comes from it, and then don’t forget to show others how you became the magician of your life and how they can do the same.